Stunning Norwell Lighting to Decorate Your Home

As we used to know in earlier times, lights these days are not just the way of lighting up a premise but a lot more than that. From achieving class, decorative excellence to making individual style statement, lights offer a lot more ways to impress people and exert personal choices.  In this respect both interior as well as exterior lighting pieces play a very prominent role. Designer lights grace a home in unparalleled way often surprising everybody and uplifting the spirit of residents and guests. Norwell lighting having all these exceptional attributes just makes a perfect choice for any home interior and outdoor premise.

A rich history studded in lights

For more than 50 years, Norwell Lighting garnered its worldwide reputation for lighting fixtures made of high quality solid brass that can bejewel any interior and outdoor ambience. Norwell Lighting made a stark difference from mass produced lights by presenting innovative design and craftsmanship with a combination of finest European castings, handpicked glass frames, and exotic hand-applied finish.

A World renowned lighting solution

Since the days of its first production to this date, Norwell lighting remained known as one of the most coveted lighting brands for decorative homes with luxury furnishings. High quality gracious lighting options for homes are make this brand stand apart. By offering the largest variety of interior lights it makes it impossible for not finding a choice lighting option for any interior or outdoor. Furthermore, custom designing of lights facilitated by the company to let customers fulfill their lighting preference made the brand even more popular.  It can deliver any designer light preferred by the customer.

The process of hand applied finishing allows exquisite, subtle variations in each separate lighting fixture. Some of the authentic lighting products offered by Norwell Lighting include high quality chandeliers, ceiling mounts, outdoor lights, pendants and sconces.

Unmatched style

The range is particularly notable for exquisite brass work. It is also widely known for fusing various elements together including traditional as well as trendy and contemporary design elements. From typical old-house ancestral look to modern and bold look, one can make his own lighting choice to match the interior ambience of his home. Light makes a facelift to the interior ambience this range is ideal for that.

Immense product line

Under the brand one can expect every different home lights with diverse capacity, look and design elements.  From exclusive bath lighting and bath accessories to chandeliers, wall lights, sconces, pendant lights, flush mounts, etc. the choice seem to be unending. Whether one wishes to create a simplistic look and feel in interior or wants a dazzling light to create a festive mood in your home, the wide product line offers all options to choose the light of your preference.

While Norwell Lights continued to grow and enjoy popularity of people focused on interior design, the functional brilliance and durability of all the products under this range also deserve applause. Designer look, sophistication, high quality material and excellence of engineering, these four qualitative aspects made this range so unique among lighting brands.

Bring Home the Breeze with Minka Aire Ceiling Fans

When looking to ventilate interior and exterior spaces, one of the most economical choices is the ceiling fans. They aid in the circulation and free flow of air, and keep your homes fresh and lively. They also double up as room heaters, especially in winters. Fans equipped with reverse sweep functionality dissipate warm air and are extremely useful in the cold and chilling months. Many of these products come with inbuilt light fixtures and hence serve the purpose of illumination as well. Minka Aire is among the popular brands of ceiling fans. Their products are known for the unparalleled combination of form, function, and design.

The Product Range

There is a Minka Aire ceiling fan for use in every room of the house – from the bathroom to bedroom, dining room, family room, foyer, hallway, kitchen, living room, utility room, and so on. There are also fans that are damp rated, crafted exclusively for use in outdoor areas like patios and porches. These indoor and outdoor fans come in different blade spans of under 36”, 37”- 44”, 45” – 57”, and above 58”, and serve rooms of all sizes from small to large, and extra-large. For spaces that are extremely small, and need very minimal air circulation, there is a whole range of Hugger fans that are available.

• Styles, Themes, and Collections

Ceiling fans from Minka Aire draw inspiration from diverse sources from cities, to food, building, and even concepts in Science. These form the basis of the different collections that the brand offers, like Napoli, Pancake, Artemis, Shangri-La etc.

Minka Aire fans are classified into three different styles or themes, namely traditional, transitional, and contemporary. Traditional products showcase heavy and elaborate styling and are suited for homes around classic themes. Contemporary products are simple, sleek, and urbane; fitting well in modern and neo modern. Transitional products borrow qualities from both, traditional and contemporary styles, and feature ceiling fans with crossover styling. They are apt in traditional and contemporary homes alike. Besides these three styles, the brand also offers limited products in vintage, retro, and industrial themes.

• Finishes

Ceiling fans from this brand are available in the following finishes – Black, Bronze, Brown, Copper, Iron, Nickel, Pewter, Silver, White, and Wood, and are available across the different product styles. In addition to these, some fans are available in unique and select finishes like Galvanized, Brushed Aluminum, Gun Metal, and other colored variants.

• Energy Star Rating

A feature that makes Minka Aire such a popular brand among consumers is its eco-consciousness. When crafting stunning ventilation fixtures, the brand does not limit itself to design and function, but also takes into consideration the environmental impact of these products. As a result, their collection also includes ceiling fans with Energy Star rating. These are an eco-friendly choice that consume up to 70% less energy and dissipate about 70% less heat than regular fans.

• Fans with Light Kits

Minka Aire also offers fans that serve the dual purpose of ventilation and lighting. Many of their products come with in-built or optional light kits that convert the fan to a flush mount-like light source in indoor and outdoor locations. These lights are as beautiful as the fans themselves and add to the aesthetics of the room they are used in.

From simple and elegant designs to vibrant and attractive ones, the gamut of ceiling fans offered by Minka Aire is unmatched. These products boast of excellent quality, and yet come in pocket-friendly options.

Decorative Lighting Ideas for Your Home Interiors

If you are planning to decorate the interiors of your home with lights and lighting fixtures, you are reading the right article. Lighting fixtures can be innovatively used as interior décor items to beautify the ambience and atmosphere of interiors. These fixtures, if carefully selected to blend with their surroundings and reflect sophistication, can be a great value addition to residential interiors. Lighting fixtures can be dull and boring if not used the right way and simultaneously they can also be interesting and attractive if used the right way. In this article, we will explore a few interesting ideas with decorative lights to decorate the interiors of a house. Read on.

1. Magic Suspended

You can definitely try out suspended lights if you are looking to illuminate a table or a specific area using a task light. If you want a centerpiece for your living room, you can always go for chandeliers that will pull the room together and becomes the center of attraction. Or, if you to illuminate only a specific part like a kitchen island or a dining table, you can go for pendants which are smaller and more subtle than chandeliers. Both pendants and chandeliers use light bulbs which are enclosed by innovative and colorful shields made of glass/metal or any other interesting material. Then, these bulbs are suspended using chains and the height of the suspension depends on the place and circumstance.

2. Light on the Wall

If you are looking for something very subtle yet very effective, you can always go for lighting fixtures that can be ingrained into the walls of your house. Wall sconces that are used in bedrooms and bathrooms popularly are a perfect example for these light fixtures on the wall. Not only will these fixtures look attractive but they will also create an ambience in the room with their ambient light that hits directly on the wall, eventually covering the entire room. Since the light is more ambient in nature and not suited for tasks, you can choose different colored lights for these fixtures to create a dim effect in the room.

3. Standing Elegance

Nothing is more elegant and sophisticated as a floor lamp or a table lamp. Floor lamps can be used as excellent decorative items to cover up empty spaces or corners in large living rooms and study rooms. The design and form of the lamps obviously matter a lot as they are clearly standing out as a décor item and cannot ruin the design harmony that’s maintained in the room. Hence, no matter what design, color and shape you choose, make sure it goes along with rest of the décor items in that space.

4. Hidden Jewels

Decorative lights need not be visible every time to create an effect or decorate the interiors of a house. Decorative lights can also be integrated subtly into walls and ceilings as mounts. Flush mounts are a type of decorative lighting fixtures that can be ingrained into ceilings or walls and used as ambient lights to create an ambient atmosphere.

How to Use Contemporary Lighting in Residential Interiors?

Lighting is often overlooked when it comes to interior design as people feel lights are all about illuminating a room and nothing more. But there’s more to lighting fixtures than just illuminating spaces. Lighting fixtures can be used as excellent interior décor items provided you have the knowledge of choosing the right shape and form of the fixtures. Also, there are different types of lighting schemes for different spaces in a residential setup.

Considering contemporary houses, lighting becomes much more important as lights are an important element of this interior design theme. Lights are used to create ambient atmospheres and also used as decorative items to draw attention. In this article we will list out different ways contemporary lighting can be used to illuminate residential interiors. Read on.

1. A Decorative Pendant

Pendants are very similar to chandeliers in their appearance but are not as grand as lavish as chandeliers are. Pendants are task lights you can hang upon kitchen islands or dining tables using a suspended chain. What’s unique about pendants is that they can be custom made and given shapes of your imagination. Not only they draw attention by their task lighting, they also look great as décor items blending with other décor items of a contemporary house.

2. Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are one of the most used contemporary lighting techniques. Wall sconces can be used anywhere in a residential setup but they are popularly used in bedrooms and bathrooms. Wall sconces come under the general/ambient lighting category and can either be up-lights or down-lights. Wall sconces are very minimal unlike pendants and are generally used to create an ambience in the room.

3. Table/Floor Lamps

The good old table lamps and floor lamps are used in contemporary houses as well. However, the design and form of these fixtures decides whether they are modern or not. The lamps need to be sleek, minimalistic and perfectly blend into a contemporary setting. Floor lamps or table lamps too come under task lighting and can be used to highlight certain corners of a room or certain empty spaces you don’t know what to do with. When corners are illuminated with these lamps, the room looks fuller and distracts the viewer from the empty space the lamp is covering for.

4. A Traditional Light

Imperfections or oddity is beautiful in a perfect setup, immediately attracting attention and bringing in a spice of life to the whole space. In a contemporary residential interior, it would be very interesting to have a traditional lighting fixture like that resembles the lights used in the 18th and 19th centuries. These light fixtures will oddly beautiful in a contemporary setup that is all about minimalism and bland colors.

5. Flush Mounts

Lastly, to create an ambient atmosphere of your choice and color, you can use the subtle flush mounts which are generally mounted on the ceilings. These fixtures are totally non-obtrusive and play with only lights to create an ambience. Their appearance is not generally a concern, however it must be ensured that they are perfectly syncing with the ceiling to avoid any unwanted attention.