Troy Lighting Sconces for Every Room in the House

Sitting in a room lighted up with simple bulbs and sitting in a place lighted up with beautiful and elegant looking pendant lights and sconces have a vast line of difference in between them. The latter one makes your rooms look stylish and signs a pact of elegance for your room. Sconces save a lot of space and can be fitted at any corner of your rooms to expand the line of interest of the lighting effect of that particular room where these lights are installed.

Sconces area versatile lighting fixture that you can use in your home to captivate and decorate the different space of your house. You can use all the different color hues and tones to get a perfectly finished and organized space. Not only do these lights enhance your rooms but also displays your personality and the taste that you have for your home. Troy lighting sconces are something that can be used in any part of your home as decorative pieces.  They can also serve the functionality of night lamps for your bedrooms. These sconces help in adding the vintage effect to the rooms where you add these lights and even gets a countryside experience in your room.

Here is how you can use sconces in the various parts of your house;

Dining rooms

You can illuminate your dining rooms with few of the pretty looking sconces to reflect the light in a traditional way. You can use these sconces on top of your dining tables so that you have an excellent lighted up place to converse with your family member while you are sitting together to have supper. These lights look amazing and can add to the glory of your dining room space.


Having task lighting done in your kitchen can bring a touch of luxurious and classy look for your cooking heaven. Incorporating few classy sconces can brighten up your space and bring a traditional and cozy approach to your kitchen. These popular lighting systems can add more fun and delight to your time that you spend in your kitchen for preparing your delicacies.

Living room

A living room is the second place where you spend most of your time after your bedroom so why not decorate in a classy way? These lights sconces can highlight your living area by spreading their shade governed lights and can be a perfect ornament for your hall.


The bedroom is, of course, a resting place, and people prefer less lighting when they are planning for a nap. But when it comes to reading or spending some time with your loved ones, then a bit of illumination is needed to get a good mood. Sconces are a stylish blessing for your room to enhance your mood and to add some light to your reading habits in your bedroom.


Not only the different types of rooms that you have in your houses, but the pretty sconces can also highlight your staircases. Going up and down the stairs in the light of these elegant sconces can give you a luxurious and classy feel and get you admiring the beauty of these lights every time you take a step up or down in your staircase. Sconces are available in various designs and patterns, and you can use almost all kinds of shades for embellishing your stairs.


Though it may sound astonishing, but yes, if you are a bookworm and have exceptional love for your books then it is needless to say that you might be definitely having a bookshelf to arrange all your riches. If this is the case, then adding some sconce lights nearby the bookshelf walls can be a great thing to have for highlighting your passion area. These lights are enhancers for adding depth and definition to the place where you are getting it installed.

The best thing about sconce lighting is that it is not limited to a particular space or area. You can use it wherever you want, may it be your dressing room, drawing room or any other room, you can get these trending lights to add delight to your place of residence.

Tips to Use Chandeliers to Light up Your Home

There exists a chandelier for every ceiling. You don’t have to limit its use to only the living room or the dining room. Also, there is more to chandelier designs than just crystals or ornate elements. Irrespective of the décor, there are chandeliers available in umpteenth designs and styles for every home.

Here are some tips to use chandeliers in your home for maximum impact.

Keep the Room’s Size in Mind

When selecting a chandelier, it is important to keep a room’s dimensions in mind to find the perfect piece. Ideally, the chandelier’s diameter should be the same in inches as the addition of the room’s dimensions in feet. But this is a rule you can break if you want.

If you want to use only one central light in your living room, select a fixture that is prominent enough to command attention. For example, Hubbardton Forge chandeliers are handcrafted with elegant yet striking designs; enough to grab the attention and be the talking point of any setting. You can also use three lights of medium sizes in lieu of one central light. You can also use a layered look by using three chandeliers of varying heights but in the same design.

For the dining room, ensure that the size of the chandelier and the table are compatible. As a rule, the chandelier diameter should be not more than half of the table’s width. But again, the light and its arrangement must be as per your taste and not dictated by stern design rules.

Simply remember to use fixtures that fill the space between the floor or the table, and the ceiling in a way that looks appealing.

Play with Lighting Arrangements

Try different settings for chandeliers than the usual or traditional placements. For smaller living rooms, place 2-3 small-sized chandeliers in various corners instead of just one central piece. For example, hang a chandelier of not more than 22-24 inches in diameter over a corner seating arrangement in a large living room. Then hang a big piece in the same material but different design over the center table.

If your living room is medium to large in size, you can hang a chandelier between two pendant lights in the similar or contrasting styles. If you prefer contrast, one idea is to use a wrought iron chandelier with a prominent metal chain and delicate light arrangement. Then use pendants on either side in either green or blue color. Such arrangements can work with any decorative style.

You can alter the arrangement depending on the décor. For example, use crystal chandelier and pendants together in an ornate living room or dining room.

Mix Styles and Décor

It is fun to mix things up when styling your home. If you don’t want an abundance of crystal lights to complement your opulent home, use elegant chandeliers with gilded designs, delicate wires, and less use of ornaments. For example, Hubbardton Forge chandeliers are available in wonderfully extravagant designs that rival crystal fixtures but are perfect for any ornate setting.

Chandeliers are meant to be noticed. So, go all out when selecting a style for your home. Also, don’t limit them to the living room and the dining area only. Use one in the foyer, another in your bedroom, and at every corner that gives you the opportunity to light it up in fun ways. Use one in your bathroom by the vanity instead of a small pendant only. Yes, why not?

Opt for an industrial chandelier style in a modern living room setting for a different design approach. Such an arrangement can look fabulous with colorful living room furnishings. Frosted glass lights with dramatic wrought iron arrangements are perfect to create contrasts for vintage rooms and ideal matches for any contemporary décor. Delicate metal chandeliers are perfect for bathrooms as they are sturdy but also not overwhelming to use in a small space.

Remember, when it comes to chandeliers, over-the-top is not really excessive. Flamboyant chandeliers are better than fixtures that are too plain to act as the focal point of any room.

Use Ceiling Fans to Augment your Home’s Décor

Modern ceiling fans are not only utility items but they can also add to your home’s décor. With some creativity and imagination, you can use different styles of ceiling fans in every room in your house to create unique interior setups.

Ceiling Fan Design Trends for Contemporary and Traditional Homes

Modern ceiling fans are available in a variety of styles, materials, and designs. Now, you can find a ceiling fan to suit every design sensibility and décor style.

If you choose a reputed brand of ceiling fans, you can find styles ranging from small hugger fans to outdoor fans with blades spanning       almost 60 inches. For instance, Casablanca ceiling fans are available in many contemporary designs as well as in styles suited for more traditional settings.

Modern –

You can choose from polished nickel to aluminum and wood finishes for both indoor and outdoor use. Curved blade designs are more suited to modern decorative styles that favor minimalistic designs.

For modern and minimalistic décor, four-blade fans with a white light fixture in a nickel finish is one example of a ceiling fan that can make your home space stand out with its sophisticated design. For industrial-style décors, nickel fans with sleek designs can do wonders for your personal space.

Traditional –

For traditional design approaches, tarnished bronze finishes with pull chains can look exceptionally good. You can choose from distressed oak and aged bronze finishes to light fixtures inspired by different time periods and elements.

If you choose reputed brands such as Casablanca ceiling fans, there are umpteenth models to suit your needs and design sense.

Tips to Use Ceiling Fans to enhance your Home’s Décor

Use ceiling fans in ways that make sense to you. But it is important to pay attention to the size and dimensions of ceiling fans in relative to the space where you will install it.

Here are some ideas for inspiration.

Colors and Designs–

Match the color of the fan blades to the ceiling and walls to create a serene space – the whole room can then seamlessly blend to give an aura of calmness. For traditional decorative styles, opt from subtle colors like white, cocoa, and bronze. For more contemporary styles, choose metallic finishes and sleek designs. To add a touch of drama with ceiling fans, choose styles with blades and body finish in different colors.

If you have a Mediterranean vibe going in your home or country-style elements; use white ceiling fans throughout to boost the elegance factor in your home as well as to complement the décor. If you like classic accents in your home, use white or black ceiling fans in simple designs and without light fixtures. For a vintage feel, choose ceiling fans with wood finishes with etched metal designs.

If your home is filled with rustic wood elements, use ceiling fans in deep shades of brown or black with or without simple light fixtures. If you like to mix things up, choose an extravagant ceiling fan design (such as big blades, twisted blades, outlandish light fixtures etc.) when the rest of the décor in a room is quite subtle.

Fixtures and Dimensions –

To create a unique centerpiece in your living room, forgo a chandelier and use a big ceiling fan with a brilliant light fixture. Choose funky light fixtures in ceiling fans for a bohemian or vibrant feel to a space. In the bedroom, you can opt for a fan with a white light fixture. For the living room, a bright light in the ceiling fan can produce brilliant effects in more ways than one.

These days you can find ceiling fans that are micro and mini in sizes to designs with huge blade spans. In houses with high ceilings, you have an opportunity to make the space really stand out using just a ceiling fan in a sleek design with tremendous blade sweeps. For smaller spaces or isolated corners, hugger fans are ideal to use.

But irrespective of the design and style, it is important to choose quality brands of ceiling fans.

Never go out of Style with Hudson Valley Sconces

Homebuyers have good reason to feel left out of the current trends in interior lighting. Many premium outfits have gone the minimalistic way with swooping metalwork and minimal use of glass in their fixtures. The classic designs are still much sought after by many buyers. Hudson Valley Lighting recognizes the need of such buyers and continues to introduce classic designs to the market. In particular, Hudson Valley sconces have drawn praise from buyers. The sconces are available in single and multiple-lamp designs going all the way up to five light designs. We take a look at the Hudson Valley range of wall and bath sconces:

Large Sconces

Large sconces come with four to five lights. Some of the best sellers are Cheshire double sconce, Milford, Soho and Wilton. The design of the Cheshire sconce appears influenced by manor house lighting of old. The sconce has black brass shades which keep the light flowing only in the upward direction for ambient lighting and downward for task lighting. The use of glass for shades is avoided completely. The body is made of solid brass and it can be ordered in Aged Brass or Antique Nickel finishes. Milford and Soho sconces evoke classic designs with the gently sloping glass shades and shiny metal finished body. The sconces can be fitted with conventional incandescent lamps or LED lamps. Wilton has a slightly boxy and geometric shape for modern-minded buyers. Odem four-light sconce has a design similar to votive candle holders with ribbed glass shades. Vertical Bath Sconces are an interesting variant. The lamps are stacked vertically and covered from top to bottom with a glass shade, giving the sconce a monolithic appearance. The glass used is crystalline and specially polished for a shimmering appearance similar to chandeliers. Popular vertical bath sconces include Albany, Arcadia, Hebron and Westville.

Medium Sconces

The Hudson Valley pendants and sconces come in various finish and size options. Customers have a lot of options in this segment since they can opt for fixtures with a single glass shade covering three lamps. Montauk, Waverly and Mason are single shade sconces. Alternately they can opt for fixtures with separate shades covering each lamp. There are a lot of compact sconces in the range which can be used in place of single light sconces. One such fixture is Westport wall sconce that uses Candelabra type bulbs without any glass shade. Instead the base of the sconce is covered by a polished mirror glass. The sconce can be ordered in Aged Brass and Polished Nickel finishes with a choice of Clear or Smoked Back Glass. Riverton and Garland sconces can be used for ambient lighting and decorative lighting purposes. The sconces appear smaller since dark finishes are used for a less conspicuous appearance. Dawson, Majestic Square and Keswick are available in polished Chrome and Nickel finishes for a touch of glamour.

Small Sconces

Hudson Valley’s small sconces come in two light variants. There is an interesting variant on the usual design called the bath bar. The lamps are arranged vertically with cylindrical glass shades on either side of the central base of the sconce. The base is given a decorative appearance with polished metal. Such sconces are possible because of the emergence of compact LEDs in recent years. Cornwall and Fulton are examples of such bath bar sconces. Hudson Valley also has some antique-style designs like Millbrook and Oxford where candelabra bulbs are fully enclosed by a boxy frame with glass plates. This style is similar to stable lighting seen in the days when horse-drawn carriages were the primary mode of transport. Other contemporary designs like Newport, Lafayette and Burlington are also popular among buyers. These fixtures have separate glass shades covering the bulbs. Oversized sconces like Berwick and Gresham Park, which use a single large shade to cover both bulbs, have found favor with buyers. In these fixtures the decorative element is the shade, so ribbed and etched glasses are used.

Mini Sconces

The single light sconces are the big sellers of the entire range. Here Hudson Valley has the widest variety with a lot of variants. Fully enclosed sconces, shadeless sconces and oversized sconces are all present in the range.

Five Reasons to Invest in Troy Lighting Chandeliers for your Home

When choosing a lighting product for your home, you are bombarded with a wide range of options, and are often spoilt for choices. With a myriad of features, specifications, and other needs in mind, it becomes difficult to narrow down to a particular brand or product. However, for any person looking to buy chandeliers for their new or renovated home, exploring the collection from Troy Lighting is  a must. We tell you five simple yet compelling reasons that make this brand so popular and well loved among homeowners, interiors decorators, and the like.

1 – Own products crafted to perfection

Brands these days boast of chandelier assortments that are diverse in product and styling. The case is no different with Troy Lighting. Their lighting fixtures blend in seamlessly in any kind of interior setting or decor theme. Classic, Traditional, Rustic, Transitional, or Contemporary, there is at least one (if not more) chandelier that fits all your needs perfectly. These lighting products showcase the time, care, consideration, and painstaking effort put in by the designers and craftsmen in introducing their line of chandelier to you, the customers; and that is exactly why these chandeliers move you and make you fall in love with them.

2 – Pick high quality products at affordable prices

It is not unlikely that you walk into a mall or a large format store or lighting shop and find strikingly beautiful chandeliers that you fall in love with instantly. However, the moment you flip over to check the price tag, your heart sinks, because it is definitely not within your budget. But that isn’t the case with Troy Lighting. They provide you a line up of some of the most beautiful fixtures in the market today, but at pocket friendly prices, and without a compromise on the quality. This makes it a win-win situation for both of you.

3 – Buy from multiple formats

Some branded products and light fixtures may be extremely difficult to source, but not Troy lighting chandeliers. The brand and its array of products are present across multiple formats of stores, and at varied locations throughout the state. In case you are unable to find a retailer in your locality, you can buy these products from online stores that are authorized to sell Troy Lighting fixtures. At present, over eight different online retailers stock products from this brand, and deliver them at your doorstep within short turnaround times.

4 – Choose from light series and collections

Another feature that makes the brand so popular is that they offer lighting fixtures in series and collections. This means that you get to illuminate or decorate your home with lighting products of similar theme and styling, in order to bring about that standardized look and feel. Anytime you choose a Troy Lighting chandelier, you can match it with pendants, island lights, wall and bath sconces, or even exterior lights from the same collection, to create that smooth and seamless look throughout the home.

5 – Get Inspired by the Design Center

Troy Lighting offers not just great products, but also some great solutions, and design inspirations for your home. The Design Center hosted by the brand is home to many resources that get your gears on interior design and decor projects going. From lighting tips to interviews with interior designers, information on bulbs, tips on finishes and styles, and pictures that help envision a fixture in a space, this feature has all the information and inspiration that you need when fitting your home with new lighting products.  Browse through their lookbooks, blogs, catalogs, and light guides to find solutions to different concerns. Or if you are unsure where to begin, take the help of their Style Quiz.

Troy Lighting is a well known and well recognized brand in the lighting industry. Their assortment of chandeliers include elegant designs and stylish products that fit well into homes of all themes. You can decorate your home also with Troy lighting sconces and other fixtures from the same series as your chandelier. Investing in a product from this brand is an investment in style, quality, and performance that is long lasting.

Five Reasons to Pick a Ceiling Fan from The Modern Fan Company

Ceiling fans today are much more than just ventilation products. They rely on keen design and aesthetics to add beauty to the spaces they are fitted in. Like lighting and other fixtures used in home interiors and exteriors, these products play a key role in lending style, sophistication, and comfort. The Modern Fan Company is a renowned brand and authentic source that offers ceiling fans of the contemporary style. Their collection is replete with exclusive products that celebrate the modern idiom through mechanical simplification, geometric forms, and contemporary finishes. Built with the modern consumer in mind, these fans cater to the needs of quality minded and design minded home owners alike. Here are five reasons why you need to choose a ceiling fan from this brand for your home.

1 – Sleek, contemporary designs and styles

The Modern Fan Company works to bring you fans that are not just stylized, but also designed from scratch, to meet the needs and specifications of modern consumers. One feature that runs across their products is an impeccable sense for simple, minimalistic, and yet sophisticated designs that make them a perfect fit in urbane homes. Be it in the living room inside or by the pool outside, these fans lend a breathtaking charm to any space they are fitted in.

2 – Different mounting styles

Another feature that makes the ceiling fans from Modern Fan Company interesting is their availability of different mounting styles. These products come in the standard down rod fitting as well as the more compact flush mounting styles. The latter works well in small spaces, or low profile ceilings, and hence give consumers a wider variety to choose from. Many of the down rod styled fans are also available in flush mount variants, so that you can choose the one you like, and which fits your needs.

3 – Interesting finishes

The aesthetics of a ceiling fan matters as much as its functionality. The Modern Fan Company, through their varied finishes on the fans, lets you choose from an exciting array of products for your home. They include ceiling fans in White, Metallic, and Dark finishes. The White fans add a simple elegance to living spaces, while the Metallic finish lends a touch of sleek shimmer. The Dark finish blends well with cottage and rustic styled home or those that rely extensively on wood in their interiors and exteriors.

4 – Lamping Options

Ceiling fans today are much more than products that bring ventilation to your rooms. Most of these are fitted with flush mount light kits that convert these fans into dual purpose products. The Modern Fan Company offers products in line with this trend and brings you a lineup of ceiling fans fitted with lights. They use different light sources like incandescent, fluorescent, and LED lamps for illumination needs. From simple hemispherical mounts to tubular lampshades and egg shaped lights, these products also boast of some of the most striking designs on offer in the market today.

5 – Varied control options

The ease of operating a fan is just as important as its quality and functionality. While the wall control unit remains the most widely used means, handheld remotes or a combo of the two are also popular today. Ceiling fans from Modern fan Company come with multiple control options such as the 2 wire fan and light control, 3 wire fan and light control, handheld remote control, and the wall and remote combo. These give you the option to pick a control type that fits your needs and which matches your wiring/electrical systems at home.

The Modern Fan Company isn’t just another brand that offers stylish products. They are known for their ability to remain above fashion and trends to craft products that are technically and artfully appealing. Their innovativeness in displayed in the lineup of ceiling fans that deliver not just superior air distribution, but also eye catching designs and stunning aesthetics. These ceiling fans, with their minimalist sensibilities, are designed to stay relevant not just today, but also for many years to come.

Bring Home the Beauty of Decorative Light Pendants with Minka Lavery

Minka Lavery is undoubtedly a leader in the decorative lighting industry. The brand, which offers a wide range of fixtures such as table lamps, chandeliers, sconces, vanity lights and so on, also brings you some of the most alluring light pendants for your home. These products give out sufficient ambient light and stand majestically over any room that they are placed in. Read on to know more about lighting pendants offered by this brand.

Pendants for every space

The use of Minka Lavery pendants is not bound by constraints of space. From the bathroom to bedroom, dining room, kitchen, family room, foyer, hallway, living room, and utility room, every space is the house can accommodate a pendant from this brand. These products work well not just in home interior settings, but also in offices that need trendy lighting solutions. No matter the location, these fixtures serve as attention commanding conversation starters, which also leave a lasting impression on whoever comes visiting.

Unique styles for unique design schemes

Minka Lavery pendants are classified into three major styles, namely traditional, transitional, and contemporary. Be it a vintage styled home with elaborate décor, a modern home with minimalistic design, or a logwood home built with a rustic theme, every kind of dwelling finds a perfect lighting solution in the pendant light offered by the brand. These products, made from a variety of materials like solid brass, wrought iron, aluminum, wood, and resin also boast of meticulous workmanship that adds to their beauty and allure.

Conventional and distinctive finishes

Minka Lavery brings you of a diverse variety of finishes on their products. These include regular finishes such as Chrome, Nickel, Gold and Silver, aged finishes like Copper and Bronze, as well as colored and opaque finishes like Black, Brown, and White. The products also showcase some unique and distinctive finishes such as St. James Gold, Midnight Gold, Pierre Patina, Nutmeg, Deep Flax Bronze, Vintage Cheshire Gold, and Provencal Blanc. The sheer variety of finishes on offer gives the pendants the ability to sync in with design and décor schemes of all kinds.

Collections and licensed brands

Minka Lavery products are crafted in series, which makes it easier for you decorate your home in a fluidic style. For every lighting pendant that you choose, you are sure to find a matching chandelier, table lamp, wall sconce, flush mount, or vanity light, which gives your interior and exterior spaces uniformity and continuity in styling. The collection of light pendants includes over 40 designs that draw their inspiration from varied sources. Marsoni, Astrapia, Gwendolyn Place, Brookview, and Cornerstone are some collections of the traditional kind, while Agilis, Laurel Estate Tilbury, Overland, and 1730 Series are of the transitional kind. Middle Brook, La Bohem, and Lucero are all part of the contemporary style. The range of pendants also include some trademarked collections such as Aston Court, Calavera, Belcaro, Lineage, Illuminati, Paradox, Riden and so on.

The Minka Lavery pendant lineup also includes products sourced from licensed brands. The Hearst Castle and the Jessica McClintock Home (The Romance Collection) are two prominent brands offered by Minka Lavery. Products of this kind gives you the option to decorate your home with some of the finest quality and exclusive design light pendants available in the market today.

Light fixtures from Minka Lavery lead the way in product design, and offer products knit together by a single quality over a wide range of price points. Their light pendants ( are one of the finest available in the market today, and offer you decorative lighting solutions, whose beauty and style can never go unnoticed.

Stunning Norwell Lighting to Decorate Your Home

As we used to know in earlier times, lights these days are not just the way of lighting up a premise but a lot more than that. From achieving class, decorative excellence to making individual style statement, lights offer a lot more ways to impress people and exert personal choices.  In this respect both interior as well as exterior lighting pieces play a very prominent role. Designer lights grace a home in unparalleled way often surprising everybody and uplifting the spirit of residents and guests. Norwell lighting having all these exceptional attributes just makes a perfect choice for any home interior and outdoor premise.

A rich history studded in lights

For more than 50 years, Norwell Lighting garnered its worldwide reputation for lighting fixtures made of high quality solid brass that can bejewel any interior and outdoor ambience. Norwell Lighting made a stark difference from mass produced lights by presenting innovative design and craftsmanship with a combination of finest European castings, handpicked glass frames, and exotic hand-applied finish.

A World renowned lighting solution

Since the days of its first production to this date, Norwell lighting remained known as one of the most coveted lighting brands for decorative homes with luxury furnishings. High quality gracious lighting options for homes are make this brand stand apart. By offering the largest variety of interior lights it makes it impossible for not finding a choice lighting option for any interior or outdoor. Furthermore, custom designing of lights facilitated by the company to let customers fulfill their lighting preference made the brand even more popular.  It can deliver any designer light preferred by the customer.

The process of hand applied finishing allows exquisite, subtle variations in each separate lighting fixture. Some of the authentic lighting products offered by Norwell Lighting include high quality chandeliers, ceiling mounts, outdoor lights, pendants and sconces.

Unmatched style

The range is particularly notable for exquisite brass work. It is also widely known for fusing various elements together including traditional as well as trendy and contemporary design elements. From typical old-house ancestral look to modern and bold look, one can make his own lighting choice to match the interior ambience of his home. Light makes a facelift to the interior ambience this range is ideal for that.

Immense product line

Under the brand one can expect every different home lights with diverse capacity, look and design elements.  From exclusive bath lighting and bath accessories to chandeliers, wall lights, sconces, pendant lights, flush mounts, etc. the choice seem to be unending. Whether one wishes to create a simplistic look and feel in interior or wants a dazzling light to create a festive mood in your home, the wide product line offers all options to choose the light of your preference.

While Norwell Lights continued to grow and enjoy popularity of people focused on interior design, the functional brilliance and durability of all the products under this range also deserve applause. Designer look, sophistication, high quality material and excellence of engineering, these four qualitative aspects made this range so unique among lighting brands.

Bring Home the Breeze with Minka Aire Ceiling Fans

When looking to ventilate interior and exterior spaces, one of the most economical choices is the ceiling fans. They aid in the circulation and free flow of air, and keep your homes fresh and lively. They also double up as room heaters, especially in winters. Fans equipped with reverse sweep functionality dissipate warm air and are extremely useful in the cold and chilling months. Many of these products come with inbuilt light fixtures and hence serve the purpose of illumination as well. Minka Aire is among the popular brands of ceiling fans. Their products are known for the unparalleled combination of form, function, and design.

The Product Range

There is a Minka Aire ceiling fan for use in every room of the house – from the bathroom to bedroom, dining room, family room, foyer, hallway, kitchen, living room, utility room, and so on. There are also fans that are damp rated, crafted exclusively for use in outdoor areas like patios and porches. These indoor and outdoor fans come in different blade spans of under 36”, 37”- 44”, 45” – 57”, and above 58”, and serve rooms of all sizes from small to large, and extra-large. For spaces that are extremely small, and need very minimal air circulation, there is a whole range of Hugger fans that are available.

• Styles, Themes, and Collections

Ceiling fans from Minka Aire draw inspiration from diverse sources from cities, to food, building, and even concepts in Science. These form the basis of the different collections that the brand offers, like Napoli, Pancake, Artemis, Shangri-La etc.

Minka Aire fans are classified into three different styles or themes, namely traditional, transitional, and contemporary. Traditional products showcase heavy and elaborate styling and are suited for homes around classic themes. Contemporary products are simple, sleek, and urbane; fitting well in modern and neo modern. Transitional products borrow qualities from both, traditional and contemporary styles, and feature ceiling fans with crossover styling. They are apt in traditional and contemporary homes alike. Besides these three styles, the brand also offers limited products in vintage, retro, and industrial themes.

• Finishes

Ceiling fans from this brand are available in the following finishes – Black, Bronze, Brown, Copper, Iron, Nickel, Pewter, Silver, White, and Wood, and are available across the different product styles. In addition to these, some fans are available in unique and select finishes like Galvanized, Brushed Aluminum, Gun Metal, and other colored variants.

• Energy Star Rating

A feature that makes Minka Aire such a popular brand among consumers is its eco-consciousness. When crafting stunning ventilation fixtures, the brand does not limit itself to design and function, but also takes into consideration the environmental impact of these products. As a result, their collection also includes ceiling fans with Energy Star rating. These are an eco-friendly choice that consume up to 70% less energy and dissipate about 70% less heat than regular fans.

• Fans with Light Kits

Minka Aire also offers fans that serve the dual purpose of ventilation and lighting. Many of their products come with in-built or optional light kits that convert the fan to a flush mount-like light source in indoor and outdoor locations. These lights are as beautiful as the fans themselves and add to the aesthetics of the room they are used in.

From simple and elegant designs to vibrant and attractive ones, the gamut of ceiling fans offered by Minka Aire is unmatched. These products boast of excellent quality, and yet come in pocket-friendly options.

Decorative Lighting Ideas for Your Home Interiors

If you are planning to decorate the interiors of your home with lights and lighting fixtures, you are reading the right article. Lighting fixtures can be innovatively used as interior décor items to beautify the ambience and atmosphere of interiors. These fixtures, if carefully selected to blend with their surroundings and reflect sophistication, can be a great value addition to residential interiors. Lighting fixtures can be dull and boring if not used the right way and simultaneously they can also be interesting and attractive if used the right way. In this article, we will explore a few interesting ideas with decorative lights to decorate the interiors of a house. Read on.

1. Magic Suspended

You can definitely try out suspended lights if you are looking to illuminate a table or a specific area using a task light. If you want a centerpiece for your living room, you can always go for chandeliers that will pull the room together and becomes the center of attraction. Or, if you to illuminate only a specific part like a kitchen island or a dining table, you can go for pendants which are smaller and more subtle than chandeliers. Both pendants and chandeliers use light bulbs which are enclosed by innovative and colorful shields made of glass/metal or any other interesting material. Then, these bulbs are suspended using chains and the height of the suspension depends on the place and circumstance.

2. Light on the Wall

If you are looking for something very subtle yet very effective, you can always go for lighting fixtures that can be ingrained into the walls of your house. Wall sconces that are used in bedrooms and bathrooms popularly are a perfect example for these light fixtures on the wall. Not only will these fixtures look attractive but they will also create an ambience in the room with their ambient light that hits directly on the wall, eventually covering the entire room. Since the light is more ambient in nature and not suited for tasks, you can choose different colored lights for these fixtures to create a dim effect in the room.

3. Standing Elegance

Nothing is more elegant and sophisticated as a floor lamp or a table lamp. Floor lamps can be used as excellent decorative items to cover up empty spaces or corners in large living rooms and study rooms. The design and form of the lamps obviously matter a lot as they are clearly standing out as a décor item and cannot ruin the design harmony that’s maintained in the room. Hence, no matter what design, color and shape you choose, make sure it goes along with rest of the décor items in that space.

4. Hidden Jewels

Decorative lights need not be visible every time to create an effect or decorate the interiors of a house. Decorative lights can also be integrated subtly into walls and ceilings as mounts. Flush mounts are a type of decorative lighting fixtures that can be ingrained into ceilings or walls and used as ambient lights to create an ambient atmosphere.