Bring Home the Beauty of Decorative Light Pendants with Minka Lavery

Minka Lavery is undoubtedly a leader in the decorative lighting industry. The brand, which offers a wide range of fixtures such as table lamps, chandeliers, sconces, vanity lights and so on, also brings you some of the most alluring light pendants for your home. These products give out sufficient ambient light and stand majestically over any room that they are placed in. Read on to know more about lighting pendants offered by this brand.

Pendants for every space

The use of Minka Lavery pendants is not bound by constraints of space. From the bathroom to bedroom, dining room, kitchen, family room, foyer, hallway, living room, and utility room, every space is the house can accommodate a pendant from this brand. These products work well not just in home interior settings, but also in offices that need trendy lighting solutions. No matter the location, these fixtures serve as attention commanding conversation starters, which also leave a lasting impression on whoever comes visiting.

Unique styles for unique design schemes

Minka Lavery pendants are classified into three major styles, namely traditional, transitional, and contemporary. Be it a vintage styled home with elaborate décor, a modern home with minimalistic design, or a logwood home built with a rustic theme, every kind of dwelling finds a perfect lighting solution in the pendant light offered by the brand. These products, made from a variety of materials like solid brass, wrought iron, aluminum, wood, and resin also boast of meticulous workmanship that adds to their beauty and allure.

Conventional and distinctive finishes

Minka Lavery brings you of a diverse variety of finishes on their products. These include regular finishes such as Chrome, Nickel, Gold and Silver, aged finishes like Copper and Bronze, as well as colored and opaque finishes like Black, Brown, and White. The products also showcase some unique and distinctive finishes such as St. James Gold, Midnight Gold, Pierre Patina, Nutmeg, Deep Flax Bronze, Vintage Cheshire Gold, and Provencal Blanc. The sheer variety of finishes on offer gives the pendants the ability to sync in with design and décor schemes of all kinds.

Collections and licensed brands

Minka Lavery products are crafted in series, which makes it easier for you decorate your home in a fluidic style. For every lighting pendant that you choose, you are sure to find a matching chandelier, table lamp, wall sconce, flush mount, or vanity light, which gives your interior and exterior spaces uniformity and continuity in styling. The collection of light pendants includes over 40 designs that draw their inspiration from varied sources. Marsoni, Astrapia, Gwendolyn Place, Brookview, and Cornerstone are some collections of the traditional kind, while Agilis, Laurel Estate Tilbury, Overland, and 1730 Series are of the transitional kind. Middle Brook, La Bohem, and Lucero are all part of the contemporary style. The range of pendants also include some trademarked collections such as Aston Court, Calavera, Belcaro, Lineage, Illuminati, Paradox, Riden and so on.

The Minka Lavery pendant lineup also includes products sourced from licensed brands. The Hearst Castle and the Jessica McClintock Home (The Romance Collection) are two prominent brands offered by Minka Lavery. Products of this kind gives you the option to decorate your home with some of the finest quality and exclusive design light pendants available in the market today.

Light fixtures from Minka Lavery lead the way in product design, and offer products knit together by a single quality over a wide range of price points. Their light pendants ( are one of the finest available in the market today, and offer you decorative lighting solutions, whose beauty and style can never go unnoticed.