When Should You Call a Duct Cleaning Service?

When was the last time your business had duct cleaning done? Can’t remember? While HVAC ducts play a crucial role in moving air throughout buildings, they are often forgotten about when it comes to maintenance. Your workplace or warehouse may look spick and span, but there may be years of dirt, debris, and built up pollutants hanging above your head! HVAC ducts make for an ideal hiding place for dirt, dust, and other potentially harmful substances. So how do you know when it is time to call in the professionals for duct cleaning commercial units?

Post Construction Clean Up

For commercial buildings that have undergone remodeling or construction work, cleaning the air ducts is important for ensuring that none of the debris kicked up by the work is lingering in the vents. It is no secret that construction sites create plenty of dirt and dust. While cleaners may be able to get the floors and walls clean, your everyday cleaning crew won’t be able to take care of the HVAC ducts. Even on the most careful job sites, debris finds its way into every nook and cranny it can squeeze into. In addition to the amount of dust created from construction, there is also the concern of what exactly is in that dust. Dust and debris caused by construction may be full of materials no one should be breathing in, so once the crews wrap up and head home, it’s a good idea to schedule duct cleaning for commercial buildings.

Mold Issues

Is your building smelling a little… off? An unpleasant odor that lingers after regular building cleaning could be an indicator of mold growth in your supply duct. Mold doesn’t just smell bad – it can also have a negative impact on the health of those using the building on a regular basis. Bringing in professional duct cleaning for commercial buildings is an important step towards maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.

Tackling Dust

HVAC ducts are designed to move air throughout a building, and unfortunately, during that process, dust build-up is inevitable. A building that seems to be more dusty than normal, or that remains very dusty no matter how many times the cleaning staff come through, likely is in need of a thorough duct cleaning. If you notice a buildup of debris around vents or clouds of dust coming out of the return air when the air conditioner kicks on, it is time to call in the experts for commercial duct cleaning. The last thing your building needs is stale, dirty air being cycled through

A Dent in the Energy Bill

When debris build-up becomes extreme, the efficiency of the ducts takes a hit. A duct that is bogged down by dirt and other substances faces more challenges when moving hot and cold air through a building. When this happens, the furnace or air conditioner are forced to work harder than normal. Not only is this bad for a furnace or AC system, but it is also hard on your wallet. If your latest heating or cooling bills are coming in higher than usual, it might be time to check your HVAC system and look into duct cleaning for commercial buildings.

Maintaining a Healthy Environment

A clean building makes for a safe and productive working environment. While you may not be able to see it building up, dust loves to hide in HVAC ducts and can amass as the years go by. Duct cleaning is not a simple task, and it is important to always seek out professional duct cleaning for commercial services to ensure the job is done well. Professionals are trained in what to look for and will come with the knowledge and specialized tools required for the task. For commercial buildings, it is recommended that you clean out the HVAC ducts every three to five years. Keep in mind that this is a general guideline – it does not account for problems, such as those addressed earlier.

It can be all too easy to forget about HVAC ducts, but just because we don’t think about them very often doesn’t mean they aren’t important to maintain! For the safest working environment, make sure to include commercial duct cleaning in your regular maintenance schedule.