How to Choose Rustic Bathroom Vanities That Suit Your Home and Lifestyle

Planning Is Important

Bathroom furnishing is a major task, which is an integral part of the process of making the space convenient for the users, and one must do this attentively. The vanity selection for bigger bathrooms as well as smaller bathrooms requires precise judgment and planning. It will be easier to choose vanities for bigger bathrooms, because of the availability of broad choices. You can also pick the vanities for smaller bathroom by customizing the same properly. However, you have to be very much practical here.

Key Factors to Consider

The material and the finish are the main factors that one will have to consider while selecting bathroom vanities. The durability and the appearance of the unit will depend on these aspects.

Materials: Most people opt for wooden vanities, albeit you can also find vanities created using MDF or plywood sheets. Mainly, you can see three types of wooden bathroom vanities, namely, seasoned wood, raw wood, and reclaimed wood. However, the popular items are rustic bathroom vanities, manufactured using reclaimed wood.

• In the solid wood category, the popular choices are oak, maple, and cherry. Talented carpenters can make the items look rustic, by designing appropriately and by applying the proper stains and dyes. You can sprinkle extra simplicity and allure, by choosing the pure white finish.

• Natural stones like granite and marble are also suitable for vanity tops. You can also use the lamination facility and make the vanities shine. This will enable easy maintenance and cleaning. The main advantage is that the items will remain water and stain-resistant.

• Reclaimed rustic bathroom vanities have wide acceptance, because of the durability and the authentic rustic look of the timber.

Customization Holds the Key

Placing rustic looking vanities is a handy way to add the allure of bathrooms, as these will bring in a typical elegance of the olden days within the space. Rustic bathroom vanities are available in the present-day market profusely. If you do not find the precisely matching ones in the cluster of the readily available ones, of course, you can go for customization. It is possible to create inventive designs, strictly in accordance with your preferences and necessity. Top merchants offer this customer-friendly facility, and so, you can discuss with the department concerned and settle the matter. Nevertheless, you must take care of one key point; the designs of the rustic vanities must be exactly in line with the style of the overall home décor. Don’t overlook this matter, since the ambience will look mediocre.

The other two factors, apart from the designs that you will have to take care are the size and position.

• Size: The size of the vanities must be proportional to the size of the bathroom. You have to decide the width of the vanity counter-top in accordance with this comparison and must be perfectly matching. Hence, the first thing you have to do is to measure the room in a perfect manner. The best way to do this in our time is to use one of the apps that are easily available.

• Position: The positioning of the bathroom vanities is also important. Hence, as you must fix them conveniently, the design and size must match the space where you want to place the item. Besides, you will have to leave enough space for plumbing and for electricity fixtures. The bathroom sinks or the cabinets must stay in such a way that there is enough light disbursement. This means that you must buy the rustic vanities and must go for perfect customization.

Customization Options

You must approach a furniture manufacturer who will give you bespoke rustic bathroom vanities. Established companies employ artistic designers, who will interact with the customer and help them to select suitable rustic furniture items. You can either buy the item and customize or give your specifications and build a new one.

Choose the Design According to Your Lifestyle

There are various rustic designs:

• Classic vanities: Here, there will not be any compromises on the designs and shapes that are par for the course of the classic style, and these are the perfect rustic vanities.

• Modern vanity: You can find various all the rage items in this category. Picking the suitable ones will be a bit easier here, even though you will have to do the customization.

• Cottage vanities: This is another option. In this category, you can see the impressive traits of the traditional types accentuated. These type vanities will make bathrooms more traditional.

• Transitional vanities: In our time, transitional vanities are also popular. In this model, you can see the rich blend of the greatness of the traditional and the inventiveness of the modern furniture designs.

Corner vanities and floating vanities are also well-accepted. These will save space considerably. You can install corner vanities in the corners, and the floating vanity on the walls. Some people prefer to have standing bathroom vanities. However, the available space and the size of the bathroom count a lot here. It is better to discuss about the matter with the furniture designer of the company, from which you are going to buy. This will give you more ideas about the current trend about rustic bathroom vanities.