Decorative Lighting Ideas for Your Home Interiors

If you are planning to decorate the interiors of your home with lights and lighting fixtures, you are reading the right article. Lighting fixtures can be innovatively used as interior décor items to beautify the ambience and atmosphere of interiors. These fixtures, if carefully selected to blend with their surroundings and reflect sophistication, can be a great value addition to residential interiors. Lighting fixtures can be dull and boring if not used the right way and simultaneously they can also be interesting and attractive if used the right way. In this article, we will explore a few interesting ideas with decorative lights to decorate the interiors of a house. Read on.

1. Magic Suspended

You can definitely try out suspended lights if you are looking to illuminate a table or a specific area using a task light. If you want a centerpiece for your living room, you can always go for chandeliers that will pull the room together and becomes the center of attraction. Or, if you to illuminate only a specific part like a kitchen island or a dining table, you can go for pendants which are smaller and more subtle than chandeliers. Both pendants and chandeliers use light bulbs which are enclosed by innovative and colorful shields made of glass/metal or any other interesting material. Then, these bulbs are suspended using chains and the height of the suspension depends on the place and circumstance.

2. Light on the Wall

If you are looking for something very subtle yet very effective, you can always go for lighting fixtures that can be ingrained into the walls of your house. Wall sconces that are used in bedrooms and bathrooms popularly are a perfect example for these light fixtures on the wall. Not only will these fixtures look attractive but they will also create an ambience in the room with their ambient light that hits directly on the wall, eventually covering the entire room. Since the light is more ambient in nature and not suited for tasks, you can choose different colored lights for these fixtures to create a dim effect in the room.

3. Standing Elegance

Nothing is more elegant and sophisticated as a floor lamp or a table lamp. Floor lamps can be used as excellent decorative items to cover up empty spaces or corners in large living rooms and study rooms. The design and form of the lamps obviously matter a lot as they are clearly standing out as a décor item and cannot ruin the design harmony that’s maintained in the room. Hence, no matter what design, color and shape you choose, make sure it goes along with rest of the décor items in that space.

4. Hidden Jewels

Decorative lights need not be visible every time to create an effect or decorate the interiors of a house. Decorative lights can also be integrated subtly into walls and ceilings as mounts. Flush mounts are a type of decorative lighting fixtures that can be ingrained into ceilings or walls and used as ambient lights to create an ambient atmosphere.