Five Reasons to Pick a Ceiling Fan from The Modern Fan Company

Ceiling fans today are much more than just ventilation products. They rely on keen design and aesthetics to add beauty to the spaces they are fitted in. Like lighting and other fixtures used in home interiors and exteriors, these products play a key role in lending style, sophistication, and comfort. The Modern Fan Company is a renowned brand and authentic source that offers ceiling fans of the contemporary style. Their collection is replete with exclusive products that celebrate the modern idiom through mechanical simplification, geometric forms, and contemporary finishes. Built with the modern consumer in mind, these fans cater to the needs of quality minded and design minded home owners alike. Here are five reasons why you need to choose a ceiling fan from this brand for your home.

1 – Sleek, contemporary designs and styles

The Modern Fan Company works to bring you fans that are not just stylized, but also designed from scratch, to meet the needs and specifications of modern consumers. One feature that runs across their products is an impeccable sense for simple, minimalistic, and yet sophisticated designs that make them a perfect fit in urbane homes. Be it in the living room inside or by the pool outside, these fans lend a breathtaking charm to any space they are fitted in.

2 – Different mounting styles

Another feature that makes the ceiling fans from Modern Fan Company interesting is their availability of different mounting styles. These products come in the standard down rod fitting as well as the more compact flush mounting styles. The latter works well in small spaces, or low profile ceilings, and hence give consumers a wider variety to choose from. Many of the down rod styled fans are also available in flush mount variants, so that you can choose the one you like, and which fits your needs.

3 – Interesting finishes

The aesthetics of a ceiling fan matters as much as its functionality. The Modern Fan Company, through their varied finishes on the fans, lets you choose from an exciting array of products for your home. They include ceiling fans in White, Metallic, and Dark finishes. The White fans add a simple elegance to living spaces, while the Metallic finish lends a touch of sleek shimmer. The Dark finish blends well with cottage and rustic styled home or those that rely extensively on wood in their interiors and exteriors.

4 – Lamping Options

Ceiling fans today are much more than products that bring ventilation to your rooms. Most of these are fitted with flush mount light kits that convert these fans into dual purpose products. The Modern Fan Company offers products in line with this trend and brings you a lineup of ceiling fans fitted with lights. They use different light sources like incandescent, fluorescent, and LED lamps for illumination needs. From simple hemispherical mounts to tubular lampshades and egg shaped lights, these products also boast of some of the most striking designs on offer in the market today.

5 – Varied control options

The ease of operating a fan is just as important as its quality and functionality. While the wall control unit remains the most widely used means, handheld remotes or a combo of the two are also popular today. Ceiling fans from Modern fan Company come with multiple control options such as the 2 wire fan and light control, 3 wire fan and light control, handheld remote control, and the wall and remote combo. These give you the option to pick a control type that fits your needs and which matches your wiring/electrical systems at home.

The Modern Fan Company isn’t just another brand that offers stylish products. They are known for their ability to remain above fashion and trends to craft products that are technically and artfully appealing. Their innovativeness in displayed in the lineup of ceiling fans that deliver not just superior air distribution, but also eye catching designs and stunning aesthetics. These ceiling fans, with their minimalist sensibilities, are designed to stay relevant not just today, but also for many years to come.