Why is Reclaimed Wood Flooring Classy and Durable?

Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Looking to give your lovely adobe a makeover that is unique and has a vintage aesthetic? Well, then the reclaimed wood flooring could be just the right thing for you! Giving your home an eco-friendly makeover is something all the homemakers are going gaga over. Instead of choosing the hardwood flooring AZ, opting for this antique and recycled hardwood that’s been reclaimed from some old wood structure or barn, mine shafts, bridges, any old wreckages can give your home an old-school look.

There is no doubt about the fact that the hardwood flooring has its own elegance but since the design system and choices are shifting, the homemakers are turning towards more of eco-friendly choices instead of opting for virgin woods. The use of reclaimed flooring not only makes the home unique but is durable.

Get close to nature

Wood is a huge part of our lives. And we love trees. When we see a tree that’s been there for a hundred years, it is really amazes us. Choosing this reclaimed flooring will not only help in reducing deforestation but also you are helping in cutting the waste in landfills. Having reclaimed wood flooring in your home makes the air circulation better. Because of its cellular structure, the air flow around the house is effortless which would save you a lot of bucks on electricity bills. Since the reclaimed wood flooring is renewable, you are keeping away the environmental hazards at bay.

The durability of reclaimed wood flooring

Flooring is considered a long-term investment, once you choose, you won’t be scrapping it off for the next 20 to 30 years. Thus, it should be durable. And choosing the reclaimed wood flooring can be the right thing in this case. Though it costs a bit more that the regular flooring, but it is much harder and stronger than the other types of floors. Considering the other options, it is super easy to maintain.

Talking about the durability more, the old wood has seen many ups and downs. Right from harsh weathers, humidity, floods, but it has been strong and stable from the past many years. Which means, if you choose reclaimed wood flooring, you will be having a more stable house and there won’t be any wear and tear for a very long period.

Unique structural design

Imagine telling your friends about a barn piece that is hundreds of years old! Since the reclaimed wood comes from an old dismantled barn or a wrecked shipping crate or some wine cellar, you have a history at your home to boast about among your friends and family. So basically, you are keeping the history alive at your home.

However, because of the uniqueness of the reclaimed wood, it caters to an ageless beauty and is different from all the other styles. Every inch of that wood is different, and it cannot be copied. Also, the best part about it is that it gets alluring in look and color with time just like an old wine. So, if you want a look that is out of the box and rustic, choose Reclaimed Wood Flooring Phoenix for a more personal and exotic theme.

You can choose flooring which is not readily available in the marketlike swan oak or chestnut or American elm which are very old tree species and are not there anymore. Each piece of reclaimed wood floor is going to be unique in shape, size, and color because nature has different salt levels in the air that sort of change the color of the wood from time to time but that is the beauty of it.

Also, it is a bit confusing while choosing which type of reclaimed flooring you want because the choices are unique and less. Also, before installing, it is important to clear all the dust, mold, debris, and bugs from it. Do not worry about the color or look of that wood as it will remain as is. In order to avoid insects, cleaning is necessary, especially if it is the barn wood.

Therefore, if you want to give a definition and a story to your home, opting for reclaimed wood flooring in Phoenix could give you a never seen before experience and an eco-friendly lifestyle.