How to Restore and Increase the Life of Your Septic System

A house is a big responsibility for the house owners because they need to take care of the septic tank from wearing out on a time-to-time basis. In that line, a septic tank is the highly-valued component of the sewage disposal system as it flushes out all the waste effectively. A properly built and maintained septic tank system lasts longer and costs minimal when compared to the replacement cost of the entire system. It is essential to take necessary measures when there is a sign of the septic tank malfunctioning.

Let us look into some of the preventive measures that can save your drain field from damage by increasing its life span by hiring septic companies near me.

1.    Understand the Details about your Septic System

It is good to know the history of the tank-like when it was pumped last time and the tank’s capacity. If you do not have any idea about it, it is good to seek help from professional experts to get to know the information. If you are new to the household, it is advised to inspect the tank to check if pumping is required.

2.    Take Necessary Actions for Maintaining the Internal Part of the Tank

An important measure is to avoid spilling any harmful chemicals in the toilet that tend to kill the bacteria within the tank. It is good to seek services from technicians to restore the tank by removing the affected bacteria and add new ones for the tank to function normally.

3.    Manage Water Wisely

Too much of water usage is the primary reason for septic tank damages because it obstructs the recycling process by flushing out all the bacteria. Take steps to reduce the water usage in the toilets by installing flush systems and reducing shower usage. This can minimize the water flow to the tank, and the solids remain at the bottom, enhancing the life span of the drain field. Make it a point to introduce settings to use water economically for the septic tank system’s wellness.

4.    Avoid Parking Vehicles over the Drain Area

Parking vehicles on the drain area can cause a serious impact on the septic system as the pressure exerted can break the internal pipes. It is good to check if there is any septic tank nearby before parking the vehicles as a preventive approach to suffer any future mishaps.

5.    Perform Pumping Frequently

Blocked drain fields are the key reason for septic tank breakage as any solid wastes accumulated at the bottom can cause the reverse flow of water into the toilets. This can cause a huge stinking, resulting in poor hygiene of the people in the family.

6.    Dispose of Garbage in a Judicious Way

A reckless garbage disposal can block the septic tank largely as it involves more solid waste. Use the garbage disposal system in a smart way to endure a long-lasting drain field. This includes throwing sanitary pads, diapers, hair strands, and other non-biodegradable materials that can hinder the smooth flow of water due to clogs created.

7.    Keep a Strainer in the Sink

Releasing food particles from the kitchen sink into the septic tank can slow the waste flushing process by settling at the tank’s bottom. It is better to place a strainer in the kitchen sink to filter the waste and prevent it from entering the drain field.

8.    Get the Service from Professional Technicians

Maintaining the drain field is crucial to avoid frequent problems, and this is possible by availing services from experts in the industry. Hunt for a reputed service company with adept technicians holding a high experience in sewage cleaning in commercial and residential areas as they have hands-on fixing many problems.