Ways to Refinish Hardwood Floors

wooden floor refinish

Maintaining the things that you love the most is a great way to preserve them. And that is why when it comes to your precious hardwood floors, you must think of refinishing them not just to preserve the wood but also to give an enhanced look to your space. Also, the best thing is that you are saving yourself from getting a brand new flooring which will cost you big time. When it comes to wooden floor refinish, you need to remember that it is an expert’s job. Though there are a lot of DIY options that are available on the internet today and if you follow them carefully, you might be able to perform the refinishing process.

But it is always recommended that let the expert do his job and you enjoy the final results. The process of refinishing a hardwood floor is complex than you think. It requires removing the top layer with the help of a sander, digging down stains, scratches, and dust, coating it with a protective layer, etc. But don’t you worry as here you will find various ways to refinish hardwood flooring in Arizona.

#1  Prepping up the floor

Before the process of refinishing starts, it is important that you prep the floor. Make sure that you are cleaning the hardwood floor before doing anything. Also, before you clean it, make sure that you are removing all the furniture, home décor items from that room, cover then vents properly, otherwise, the dust from the refinishing would ruin everything. If you find any heavy damage to the floor, patch it up with wood fillers and a spackle knife and let it dry before you move ahead to the next step.

#2  Sanding down the floor

With the help of a sander, you need to first remove the old hardwood finish. Since you want to get rid of all the scratches and stains, it is best to sand it down instead of using chemical strippers. Once the sanding is done, make sure to remove the dust from the walls and floors. It is best to wipe down the whole thing and let the dust fall on the floor so that you can clean the floor with a damp cloth to get rid of all the residue. This is a vital step as you cannot afford to fall off any dust on the floor later when the new finish is applied to it.

#3  F inishes for hardwood floor

• Varnish: If you are looking for a matt or a glossy finish to your hardwood floor, then you can opt for the Varnish finish. Also, this finish gets darker in the long run and is considered durable.

• Polyurethane: This finish is more of a plastic look because of its oil and water base. This finish works on areas with high moisture and traffic.

• Penetrating sealer: If you need to have a natural-looking hardwood floor then this is your finish. Though it is less durable than the Varnish and Polyurethane, the repairs are easy compared to both.

After sanding and cleaning, any of these finishes are applied to the floor as per the instructions given. The finish needs to be brushed on in extremely thin layers and even lines. Everything applied should be an even and thin coat without any splashes and drips, otherwise, the finished look would not look clean.

If you think that some areas still need some perfection, then it can be again sanded down, and the refinishing coat can be applied again. Sometimes, to enhance the look, several coats of the protective finish is given to the floor to change the look of it. Usually, the floor is sealed on the same day because when it is sanded down, the floor is exposed to stain, scratches, and dust. That is why it is recommended by the experts to seal the floor as soon as possible. Wait for at least 24 hours before moving in the furniture. Let everything dry completely because you do not want to mess up the refinish.

Therefore, to get things done perfectly, do not hesitate to call up the hardwood floor refinishing services as your job will be done with all the precautions and care.