What You Need to Know Before Hardwood Flooring Installation?

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Floors are that thing of the house that completely changes the dynamics, look and feel of the space. But in order to have that floor installed in perfection, there are a lot of things that go behind the scene. And since you are looking to redo your floors, there are certain things that you must know before you start off the work. You have done your part of searching for the hardwood flooring installation Phoenix and now it the turn of the installer to do the job with absolute perfection.

But you need to be prepared when it comes to what you will be doing and what you should expect when the work for installing the hardwood floors start. Once you know what all should be done before the hardwood flooring installation, the whole process would go on smoothly and you will not be surprised if anything out of the blue happens.

Firstly, you need to know that there will be a lot of nailing down, stapling, and use of adhesives is going to be there. There is a separate method that needs to be followed while installing the hardwood floors and that needs to be done with extreme care. A slight gap would make your whole flooring go wrong. But that you leave to the experts. Before the crew arrives at your house to start the flooring installation, you must do the following things to make the whole process hassle-free.

Move all the furniture

Space where you want the hardwood floors to be installed, make sure that you are moving each and everything from there. Right from the furniture, showpieces, wall hangings, photo frames, try to take out everything possible. Though some installers do that for you for an extra charge, it would be better if you do that beforehand as it saves a lot of time. Not just the furniture, make sure that you are emptying all the cabinets and closets because the area where the flooring will be installed would stay under a fixed climate and a fixed humidity of 40%-60%.

Removing old flooring or carpet

Since you are installing new hardwood flooring, you must take out the old ones. Ask your installer when he can come and remove the old flooring. Usually, this job is done one day prior to starting the installation. Remember that taking out the old flooring is going to be a messy job as there will be a lot of dust that will roam around the house. Just make sure that you have kept all your belongings safe and protected. If you are removing your old carpet, you can simply do that by pulling out the tack strip and staples.

The subfloor confusion

When it comes to installing hardwood floors, the subfloors preparations are important. In order to install the hardwood floor, the subfloor needs to be clean and evenly leveled. If your subfloor is not in good condition, you might need to install a new subfloor. Or if the subfloor is there but it will require a bit of grinding and sanding to prep it for the hardwood floor installation. Make sure that you are talking it out with your installer and clear out what needs to be done with the subfloor.

Take care of the doors beforehand

Usually, when the hardwood floors are installed, the doors are neglected. Due to the installation of the new floor, it becomes difficult for the doors to move freely and it needs to be leveled up after the flooring. Normally, the hardwood floors AZ installer removes all the doors that are there in that space. But what you need to do is give a call to the carpenter well in advance so that he can rehang and shave or cut down the doors for you for smooth functioning.

It is vital that you prepare yourself for every situation once you decide to install a hardwood floor. Smart planning and execution would make your life easier and hassle-free in every way. Just follow all the above instructions before the hardwood floor installer comes with the crew to your house to start the work. All of this planning would give you beautiful hardwood floors in the end.