Choosing the Right Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity

Farmhouse vanities are intended to include an appealing rustic look to your bathroom ambiance making it warmly and charming to your guests and family. With the up and coming trend of farmhouse bathroom vanity and custom vanities, the online marketplace is quite equipped with a plethora of shabby chic farmhouse vanity type made of 100% reclaimed wood, weathered cabinets with the modest storage system and fitting sinks. For your beach house, country style powder room, and new generation industrial bathroom, they’re ideally born to bring the desired natural feel and aroma and last longer with their endurance. While choosing the most suitable farmhouse bathroom vanity, diligent consideration of few points can help you reach the vanity you’re dreaming of.

Type of Cabinetry

As you search for farmhouse bathroom vanity and custom vanities in Google, you will get great ideas of modern rustic bathroom vanity made of solid wooden pieces of oak, hickory, pine, cedar, etc. While choosing the size of the cabinet, never forget to measure the available space of your bathroom and its layout since buying an odd size vanity can be extremely overwhelming. Check the grains pattern, texture of wood, and its color to make it match to your bathroom. Contextually, as you’ll be having a farmhouse vanity cabinetry, mind that it should be complementary to the surrounding of the whole atmosphere. It’ll be quiet funny for your guests if you infuse a rustic farmhouse vanity in a highly stylish bathroom. Thereby, right from the walls to doors and flooring to bath tub and lighting accessories should be equally matching to your vanity. You should look for raw chunky wooden finishes of deep or light color with marks of wane, irregular grains, and pin knots or warning which are typically the hallmark of rustic look farmhouse vanity cabinets.

Storage Units

To bring in the best feel of farmhouse bathroom vanity and custom vanities, think of having a completely open type or semi-open storage unit. Instead of open storage, you can also go for the cupboard with doors, but not sliding type which doesn’t go with farmhouse vanity. Consider reclaimed wood that comes in thick sizes and offers high-class durability and natural aesthetic.


Usually, the vast majority prefer farmhouse bathroom vanity, and custom vanities with single sink since this kind of bathroom are used as a supplementary one that won’t come across the traffic of a normal bathroom. However, that depends upon your need and the space of your bathroom whether or not you will go for a single or double sink. Instead of choosing a drop-in sink that is common for general vanity, look for having a vessel sink that mounts over the countertop or apron front sink that perfectly matches with farmhouse bathroom vanity. With the increasing craze of vessel sinks, you can get the most popular varieties including a hammered copper industrial vessel, bonze vessel or sinks made of ceramic of round, oval, rectangular and square shape.


When it comes to the countertop for your farmhouse bathroom vanity and custom vanities, the most popular choice is solid wood tops. In fact, nothing matches to reclaimed thick wood panels to tempt the desired country feel, which is why; recycled wood should be given first priority. Being extremely seasoned, recycled wood works wonderful in the typical wet condition of your bathroom. Buy you farmhouse vanity from furnishing houses that exclusively deal in rustic reclaimed and farmhouse wooden furniture and fixtures. Operational with top talented artisans, technicians and innovative technical know-how, they introduce needed treatment to wooden vanities for moisture control, while retaining the natural look of texture matching to rustic fixtures. You can equally consider granite of deep color like black or brown opposed to wood.

Faucets and Mirror

It appears tricky for buyers when it comes to choosing faucets and fixtures for farmhouse bathroom vanity and custom vanities. Essentially, you should look for standalone metal finish faucets for bronze or copper color that perfectly matches with the style. Depending on the need, consider having one hole single faucet or bridge style faucets that are intended to meet your need of cold and hot water supply. For the mirror, round and oval shaped designs are most desired to bring an ideal farmhouse look.