What are the Dangers of DIY Concrete Demolition?

Some jobs are not meant as DIY projects. Concrete demolition is one such job. It can be quite tempting to assume that DIY concrete should be easy. You may even find some tutorials for the job online. But trying to save money on the demolition job can actually turn out to be quite costly for you when it goes all wrong.

Here are the dangers of DIY concrete demolition.

Danger from Lack of Technique and Knowledge

Demolition work is quite technical in nature. It requires proper knowledge and training to perform the job. Demolition contractors spend considerable time in training and gaining experience for the job. They learn to use the machines required for the job. A layperson cannot simply get up one day and decide to tackle a demolition project. Even if you manage to procure the equipments somehow, you won’t really know how to use them safely or properly.

You may not even have proper tools for the job. You may need a sledge, hammers, bolt cutters, crowbars, wrecking bars, shovels. These are smaller tools. You will need some bigger machines too. The cost of leasing these tools can be high. The money you wanted to save with a DIY concrete job may not be possible after all. The DIY project may not turn out to be as budget-friendly in the end. So, it is best to use the money to hire a professional service with access to the right tools.

Using demolition tools can be dangerous. Concrete demolition tools can cause kick-backs, push-backs, and pull-ins while in use. You can damage your muscles, back, or limbs while working on the demolition of a property using the demolition tools. It is not easy to cut through concrete. The steel mesh or bars inside the concrete can further complicate the job. Professionals know how to avoid mishaps with metal inside the concrete and still demolish structures.

It is simply easier to hire a professional contractor for the job. You can find a good service provider via an online search. Use keywords with your location such as concrete demolition Austin to find contractors in your area. You can find their websites, contact numbers, and details about their services with the help of online searches. You can contact them to know more about their services and costs; then hire the right service provider for as per your requirements.

Local contractors will also possess the knowledge of their service area’s regulations regarding demolition and disposal of resulting debris from it. If you fail to follow regulations regarding these two tasks then you can land in trouble with the authorities. So, it is best to leave the demolition task to professionals only.

Danger from Concrete

Handling concrete is not easy. On top of it; concrete can be dangerous if it falls on you. Concrete dust can irritate the lungs and the respiratory tract. The concrete can also get slippery.

Demolition contractors learn to handle concrete safely. They also are used to work on concrete by wearing safety gear. DIY concrete jobs can damage your health. It can break your bones. It can make you sick by damaging your lungs or respiratory tract. It can also be dangerous to work with dust falling on your face. It can get inside your eyes too if you don’t access to the protective gear required for the job. You can avoid these risks by simply hiring a good contractor for the job.

The danger of Damaging Pipes and Cables

Concrete demolition means only reducing the concrete structure into rubble. It doesn’t mean damaging the pipes and cables beneath the concrete in a building or neighborhood. Every building has sewer pipes, water pipes, electrical cables, and gas pipes underneath the structure. You can damage these pipes and cables with incompetent demolition work.

Hitting the electric cables with machines can be very dangerous for you and the rest of the property too. You can even end up damaging the pipes of the entire neighborhood as sewer lines are connected with each other in a neighborhood.  You can electrocute yourself or anyone else working alongside you. You can simply bypass these horrors by hiring a competent demolition contractor.