What Happens Due to Poor Maintenance of Septic Tank

Septic Tank

When the building is in a remote area, far away from the city sewer line, the only option is to build an on-site septic tank. The purpose of creating a septic tank is to manage effectively the sewage system of the buildings in these areas. However, one will have to construct and maintain the septic tank in an effectual manner, and for this, the specialized services of professional plumbing companies will become handy. Septic tank maintenance is very much significant, and if this is not proper, the system will not work properly, and overflow occurs. An overflow from your septic tank will create real nuisance not only to you but also to your neighbors. Apart from making the encircling environment polluted, there is a probability that the drinking water may get contaminated. However, only total negligence will cause such a problem. Therefore, it is better to avoid this situation. If you can entrust the task of septic tank maintenance to a professional company, you will not have to worry at all. The company will take care of the functional capacity of the tank by doing the highly desired maintenance works at fixed intervals.

What Happens due to Poor Maintenance of Septic Tank?

Poor usage will spoil the functional nature of the tank and will lead to premature septic tank damage. The working of a septic tank has a definite pattern. The wastewater from toilets, kitchen, bathrooms, and wash basins enters the tank via leach fields. Once this happens, the solid garbage will move down straight into the bottom portion of the pit and will remain there. This becomes sludge. The liquid wastage goes through the drain field into the ground area, where the absorption of the same takes place. The thick wastewater consisting of oil, grease, etc., known as scum, will stay above as a visible layer. When there is a glut of solid waste, then that will cause damage to the leach field. To avoid premature smash ups, you must not put sanitary napkins, paper pieces, cotton buds, etc., into the pit. However, when there is an accumulation of wastage, then that will spoil the septic tank system, and one must remove the waste accretion in a timely fashion. The frequent removal of the buildup of wastage is a must, and one has to do this in a professional method. In brief, septic tank maintenance is a very important matter, and one should not fail to notice the significance.

In general, one must do the pumping of septic tanks every 2 to 3 years. Though this is the desired time gap, there are some key factors, which will precisely decide the frequency of this task. The main points are the size of the tank, the total number of persons who use the septic tank, and the number of accumulated solids within the pit. However, one should take the professional service of a septic tank maintenance company. When the tank has sufficient size, then you should not worry much. In such cases, usually, there will not be any blockage problems for quite a long time. However, when not properly used, blocks are bound to occur, which cause the malfunctioning of the septic tank.

Users must make sure that items such as the sanitary napkins, cotton buds, etc., do no enter the toilet pipe. The quantity of accrued waste is another key point that will speed up the frequency of septic tank cleaning. This situation one can certainly guess, by taking into consideration the total number of persons who use the toilet, the nature of use (whether napkins or similar objects are put inside), and the other wastages that flow to the pit from the other sources.

Septic Tank Maintenance – Contact a Professional Company

It is very important that one should take the assistance of a specialized septic tank cleaning company. Only such companies will have the required modern machinery and trained staff. Both are highly required for proper maintenance. Hence, you must search through the internet, find out an experienced company, and sign a contract for septic tank maintenance.