Signs You Need Attic Restoration Services

It offers an ideal environment for infestation especially rats and mice. They love attics because it is usually off from the intervention of humans and pets. So, by the time homeowners get to know about rodent infestation, it usually gets too late. But still, calling professional attic restoration services is the most sensible way to deal with infestation anytime you discover about it.

Is there any way to discover about rodent infestation before they actually infiltrate your house?

Well, there is no such magical trick, but there are some signs that can definitely help you identify the potential infestation early on.

Here are five signs that tell you something is going right up there and you need to call attic restoration services:

1. Rodent droppings

It is the most common sign of rodent presence in your house. Rodents don’t have control over their bladder. Mice urinate constantly and are well capable of dropping up to 25000 fecal pellets each year. If you find rodent droppings near food packages, in drawers or cupboards, under sinks, or in hidden areas, start inspecting hidden areas of your home. The attic is often the most favorable place for rodent infestation. Inspect the attic and area around the droppings to find out the infestation. Fresh droppings are dark and moist, and you can easily figure it out. If you find new droppings, it means there will be rodent infestation somewhere in the house.

2. Your attic smells

Well, when this happens, you don’t even have to think twice. Immediately inspect your attic. You will find the droppings and feces of rodents everywhere in the attic. The stale smell coming from hidden areas is a sure-shot sign of rodent infestation, and in most cases, by the time you notice the stale smell, rodent infestation had gone severe. You may not be sensitive to these smells, but cats and dogs are quite impressive in identifying it. If you found your cat or dog pawing at an area that previously was not a matter of interest, just get a flashlight and start inspecting the area for rodent infestation.

3. Gnaw marks

Well, this is what their sharp incisors are made for. They can gnaw most of the things in your home, including food packages, paper towels, wooden walls, paper boxes, fabric, and electric wiring. You will often find these gnaw marks on food packaging because food is what they are actually looking for. However, rats and mice tend to bite anything that comes in front of them. You can also find gnaw marks on the structure itself. So if you spotted the gnaw marks on food packaging, fabric, paper box, or on walls and floors, call professionals for inspection and attic restoration.

4. Hole chewed through the attic

You spotted the rodent droppings and feces and decided to inspect the attic, and when you went up there, you found hole chewed through the attic. Well, it clearly means your attic has been a nest of rodents for quite long. And it is not about attic only if you see hold chewed through walls and floors to create entry points into the home, there may be rodent infestation at more than one place in your home. More importantly, if you see rodents running in your home during the day, you should deduce that the population has gotten quite large. And when rodents infest in your house, they attract more rodents and breed as well. It will get very difficult to control the rodents through traps and baits, and you may require professional services to get them out of your home and decontaminate the attic space.

5. Chewed insulation

If you have installed insulation in your attic and it has been chewed, you should call a professional attic restoration services because complete damage cannot be figured out just by looking at the periphery. Professionals will inspect the whole insulation and may suggest you replace the insulation if required.

So these are the five signs that tell you to need to call attic restoration services.