Top Five Wood Accent Wall Ideas to Elevate Your Home

Are you thinking to create an out of the box look for your home? Well, you do not have to do much for it, just an accent wall and the whole space will completely turn out into a different look. You need to have to head to Home Depot to buy paint for that wall as there’s something unique that you can do which is a wood accent wall. The wood accent wall picked up its trend over a decade ago and it brings out a contrast of texture and color without making any changes to the original piece of wood. That type of wood itself will become a theme for your space.

Wood is considered as the king of modern homes as it not just gives a different charm but also makes a sustainable living. Be it anything with the wood such as home décor or backdrops and for that matter accent wall, be sure that it will look good. Therefore, if you are looking to revamp your home, here are the top five wood accent wall ideas that would simply facelift your space and make it the beautiful best.

#1 Feel magical with reclaimed wood

If you are looking for a warm yet rustic look for your space, then there’s nothing more appealing than the reclaimed wood accent wall. The reclaimed wood will add a charming richness to your home and can fully combine with your existing interiors. Imagine an accent wall that is created out of reclaimed wood planks that have an age-old charm because of its natural beauty and colors that come with it. Give your living room a chic and countryside updo that will change the aura of your home.

#2 Reclaimed barn wood for a contemporary look

Looking to revamp the space around your fireplace? Then you must think about using reclaimed barn wood such as from any old attic and it would make a perfect blend of old and contemporary look to your home. If you are looking to amp up the game more aesthetically then you can also think of the accent walls created from cedar or redwood or any other good quality locally sourced wood. The whole point of doing this is to make the space vibe different whilst cutting down on the heavy expenses of the whole remodeling process. A barn wood would make your living room look minimalistic while making a bold impact on the accent wall.

#3 Amp up your bathroom with a dark or worn wood accent wall

Yes, you heard that right, a wood accent wall in your bathroom! Now you must be thinking that all the water will just ruin the wall, but you got it covered as there are special finishes available in the market that can save your lively wall from all that water splashing and humidity. A wood accent wall in dark color would simply accentuate the colors of your bathroom. If you have a minimalistic look for your bathroom then a worn wood accent wall can do all the magic and amp up the place. Not just that, you can also use the wooden planks if your bathroom theme is all white as it can give the whole space a vivid look.
#4 Curved accent wall

You must know that a wood accent wall has a lot to offer to your space with its color, texture, and contrast that comes with it naturally. And these days, the curved accent wall has gained a lot of popularity among homeowners. This kind of wall can give a 3D effect and brings out the interiors of the house. You can have a curved accent wall as your television unit or bookshelves and it will simply look like a modern piece of art and add a style statement to your home.

#5 Contrast accent wall

A contrast accent wall can work with any space. Be it your living room, study room, or bedroom, the various types of wood finishing can add the coolest vibe to your home. Mixing moody gray with warm gray can counterbalance the natural hues of your room.

So, the next time when you are thinking to make changes in your home, make sure that you are giving a thought to the wood accent wall as they can make any room look at its beautiful best.