How to Choose the Right Designer Upholstery Fabric for Your Home

Upholstery fabrics is one of the largest selling home décor accessories used extensively to boost style, endurance and appearance of furnishing items from traditional to trendy chairs, sofas, lounges and more. Available in thousands of great designs, colors, patterns and textures, they are ideal choice for you to experience new life in your home furnishings that lose their luster and look due to ageing. Instead of investing in new set of furniture and dispose of those priceless vintage/traditional collections, people of modern century consider buying upholstery fabric for sale online to add color, life, and style in their home ambiance.

Upholstery Fabric: Have an Eye on the Followings


Designer nylon and microfiber fabrics are extremely enduring to its counterparts while cotton is ideal if you live in a tropical climatic condition. With kids and pets in family, microfiber fabric and cotton should be the right option since that can withstand possible wear and tear, scratches by paw marks or manual injury. Many people love using merge of cotton, polyester, and rayon, which is a grand alternative for family couch from traditional to new generation ones. When it comes to durability, it is vital for you to consider the load of traffic in your rooms as well as the presence of newborns to kids; and in such cases, instead of general upholstery, fabrics opt for well-textured woven patterns, which are meant to last without being stained.


Choosing color of your upholstery fabric is a major consider since that should match with the themes of your room, its painting and other accessories. Whether you look for a striking look with dramatic color or prefer sticking to subtle modest hues that depends greatly on the style complement of your space. Opting for light color fabrics on large size fixture like sofa can make it look more spacious; on the other hand, use of darkish tint can look great on furnishings used in halls or balcony. It is vital for buyers to tie up the look of their furniture with throw pillows, mats, rugs as well as the window blinds. In both ways, harmonizing or contrasting can look great with the correct choice of hues and patterns.


Next to durability and color, consider style that you want to create in your space to make it look livelier, consistent, and toning to themes. A universal formula is considering traditional upholstery fabric for classy furnishings while trendy fabrics can be ideal match for new generation fashionable pieces. For instance, as superior microfiber or silk is ideal for classic fixtures, casual look linen, or cotton looks fantastic on trendy furniture items. People those who are experimental, often like to go with bold alluring mixtures, which can make the entire setup changed drastically while choosing the blend needs expert eyes.


The whole idea should be accentuating the shape and size of your furniture as well as the space when it comes to choosing pattern. With sleek stylish contemporary collections, think of strips that look decent on them while flowery designs and small prints are genius options for antique products. For sofa, cushion   or ottomans tribal prints to bigger floral design patterns make the drawing room cheery. Go with the thumb rule that bold pattern fits well in larger rooms while miniature is made for small spaces.

Golden Rules for Buying Upholstery Fabric

  • The furniture you likely to use in outdoor like patio, balcony, backyard potentially exposed to harsh sunlight, always stay away from cotton or linen like natural fabrics that fades over time;
  • People who suffer from dust allergies should go for hypoallergenic cushions of nylon or microfiber upholstery fabric for sale since they do not absorb negligible dust mites;
  • Stain resistive fabrics are great option when used in homes having kids or pets. Using them in dinning places or outdoor is also a good choice considering the possible spills of water, foods, and beverages;
  • While buy upholstery fabric to be used in humid atmosphere, look for products that are mildew and mold resistant;

To enjoy longer life of your upholstery fabric, vacuuming in intervals is necessary that keep them dirt and dust free and foster overall wellbeing of your family and your loving furniture pieces.