The Importance of Grit Trap Cleaning Services

Grit traps remove grit from wastewater in places such as commercial car wash centers. The trapped grit needs to be properly removed and disposed of to legally comply by the laws. For instance, in places such as Texas; it is mandatory to clean the grit traps properly and dispose of the waste properly.

A grit trap consists of two chambers – primary and secondary. The grit and other petrochemical wastes collect in the primary chamber. Clean water flows through the primary chamber to the second one via a crossover pipe; separating any remaining grit from the water. The water then flows from the secondary chamber to the sewers.

You need to get the grits cleaned as per your local laws. It is so to ensure that the public sewer system doesn’t get clogged. The works also need to be performed by licensed and registered grit cleaning professionals. Most professionals who clean grit traps also offer grease trap cleaning service. You can call them for your requirements as they can provide you comprehensive services. They are more likely to have all the necessary equipment to carry out the work of cleaning the traps more efficiently.

How Do Grit Cleaning Services Help?

The grit traps require cleaning on a regular basis to keep them functioning properly. You may need to clean it sooner if the crossover pipe becomes clogged causing the primary chamber to overflow. Other reasons to get the grit trap cleaned are when both the chambers begin to overflow and if there is the presence of excess grit or oil in them.

Professional services –

Grit trap cleaning requires not only removing the waste material from the water and the chambers but also disposing of it as per local regulations. The whole idea of legally regulating grit trap cleaning is to ensure that the grime doesn’t clog the sewers. So, it is crucial to dispose of the grit properly. Only professional grit trap cleaning services are equipped to handle the task in an efficient manner and as per the local laws.

Grit trap cleaning professionals are experts in handling even the most difficult job of getting the grit out of the traps. They possess the essential experience to handle the cleaning work not only as per the local regulations but also to your utmost satisfaction. They can ensure that no harm comes to the traps during the cleaning tasks; even if there is the presence of excessive grit in the chambers.

Cleaning the grit is not a pleasant task. Only professionals can do it without becoming bothered with the grit and other debris in the traps and clean it thoroughly. It is not possible for just anyone without the right expertise, experience, and the equipment to clean the grit traps.

Maintenance services –

Professional services can help you maintain the grit traps in proper working order. During the regular cleaning work, the professionals can check the traps for any breakdown, leakages, clogs, and any problem that may affect its functioning.

Preventive maintenance can prolong the life of the traps; helping you save money in the long run. If you hire a grit trap company for preventive services, they will schedule the work periodically without you needing to keep track of it. As a business owner, you will have many responsibilities. You or your staff can forget to schedule the cleaning work on time. You might remember it when the grit trap containers begin to overflow or the crossover pipe becomes grossly clogged. All these things can make you break the law unintentionally; and also shorten the life of the traps. But with professional cleaning services to help you out; you can ensure no such things happen and your business operations run smoothly without any hiccups.

Additional services –

When you hire professional services for cleaning the grit traps, they enter the information in their records. According to local regulations, you may need to furnish the cleaning service records for the grit traps to the authorities. It is quite possible for business owners to misplace the records. Worse, they can even forget to maintain proper records of the cleaning work.

But when you hire professional cleaning services, they can keep the service records for your grit traps up-to-date.