Modern Cuckoo Clocks – Add a Totally Unique Feel to a Home

When you think of cuckoo clocks, the image of wood-carved timepieces with rich stains and a birdcall may come to your mind – and rightly so. But the classic cuckoo clock design has evolved to include contemporary patterns keeping in line with modern decorative styles. In fact, if the traditional styles have kept you away from bringing these classic timepieces into your home; you can now choose from a number of modern cuckoo clock styles to add truly exceptional accents to any room.

Modern Cuckoo Clocks – Styles and Patterns

Unlike classic chalet or forest designs, modern cuckoo clocks feature geometric shapes and streamlined patterns. You can expect the bird to be smaller in size and less intricate carvings in contemporary cuckoo clock styles. Consider a square box and two birds atop this clock design – a simple yet powerful style for modern homes. Oftentimes, a simple design accent can transform a space in remarkable ways.

Nothing screams modern design than stripes or a two-tone effect on a decorative piece. Invest in a modern cuckoo clock designed in a striped pattern with neutral black and white shades. A no-frill design with just the bird, the movements, and the dial can work wonders for any plain corner in your living room.

If you really like the classic design elements featuring nature and people but wish for a more a streamlined style then look no further than a clock with a filigree pattern. You can get carvings but in a different style. Imagine a rectangular piece carved with delicate patterns of trees, people, and animals along with a tiny bird ready to call the hour. Such clock designs can start conversations around them and deservedly so.

Modern cuckoo clocks shaped like a birdhouse with nothing but a bird and the mechanisms supporting it can be a simple rendition of a classic timepiece for rooms decorated in contemporary designs. Then there are pyramid-shaped cuckoo clocks that you can place on tables and mantelpieces.

There is no dearth of modern cuckoo clock styles if you are really keen to use one (or more) in your home.

Contemporary Cuckoo Clock Colors – Bold, Bright, and Beautiful

Modern cuckoo clocks are crafted in more colors than you can expect in classic designs. Traditional cuckoo clocks are crafted in wood with glossy brown exteriors. The scenes depicted on the clocks definitely have some colors in them to represent the right clothing on animated people figures. But rich browns dominate these classic styles. Modern cuckoo clocks are available in bold yellows and reds along with midnight blues and soft pinks as well. You can find many designs in black and white colors also, which are perfect for modern décors.

A green-colored pyramid cuckoo clock with plain wood borders can animate any décor. The green shade can offset any neutral color scheme with just the perfect imbuement of brightness.

Most kids are fascinated by cuckoo clocks but might not be keen on classic styles for their rooms. But simple designs in bright shades are just right for the kids’ room. Choose a moss green or muted red filigree clock for your study. Enhance your contemporary dining area with a cuckoo clock in black or ivory in a solid geometric shape with a simple dial design. Such clocks can be perfect for elaborate dining areas that may require an elegant design accent to balance the aesthetics in the room.

These colors can work well with any modern decorative style without disturbing the design of any room. You can place white or gray cuckoo clocks with nautical design elements in your beach house. For French country or shabby chic elements, you can choose any soft color such as ivory or pink.

Solid colors with simple dials can mix wonderfully with any color scheme in your living room. If you have a neutral theme in your furnishings, use bright colors to add contrasts. Choose soft shades to bring harmony to a loud color scheme in any room.

Modern cuckoo clocks differ from classic styles in only their designs. You can expect the same level of precision and craftsmanship in cuckoo clocks crafted by reputed clockmakers.