Never go out of Style with Hudson Valley Sconces

Homebuyers have good reason to feel left out of the current trends in interior lighting. Many premium outfits have gone the minimalistic way with swooping metalwork and minimal use of glass in their fixtures. The classic designs are still much sought after by many buyers. Hudson Valley Lighting recognizes the need of such buyers and continues to introduce classic designs to the market. In particular, Hudson Valley sconces have drawn praise from buyers. The sconces are available in single and multiple-lamp designs going all the way up to five light designs. We take a look at the Hudson Valley range of wall and bath sconces:

Large Sconces

Large sconces come with four to five lights. Some of the best sellers are Cheshire double sconce, Milford, Soho and Wilton. The design of the Cheshire sconce appears influenced by manor house lighting of old. The sconce has black brass shades which keep the light flowing only in the upward direction for ambient lighting and downward for task lighting. The use of glass for shades is avoided completely. The body is made of solid brass and it can be ordered in Aged Brass or Antique Nickel finishes. Milford and Soho sconces evoke classic designs with the gently sloping glass shades and shiny metal finished body. The sconces can be fitted with conventional incandescent lamps or LED lamps. Wilton has a slightly boxy and geometric shape for modern-minded buyers. Odem four-light sconce has a design similar to votive candle holders with ribbed glass shades. Vertical Bath Sconces are an interesting variant. The lamps are stacked vertically and covered from top to bottom with a glass shade, giving the sconce a monolithic appearance. The glass used is crystalline and specially polished for a shimmering appearance similar to chandeliers. Popular vertical bath sconces include Albany, Arcadia, Hebron and Westville.

Medium Sconces

The Hudson Valley pendants and sconces come in various finish and size options. Customers have a lot of options in this segment since they can opt for fixtures with a single glass shade covering three lamps. Montauk, Waverly and Mason are single shade sconces. Alternately they can opt for fixtures with separate shades covering each lamp. There are a lot of compact sconces in the range which can be used in place of single light sconces. One such fixture is Westport wall sconce that uses Candelabra type bulbs without any glass shade. Instead the base of the sconce is covered by a polished mirror glass. The sconce can be ordered in Aged Brass and Polished Nickel finishes with a choice of Clear or Smoked Back Glass. Riverton and Garland sconces can be used for ambient lighting and decorative lighting purposes. The sconces appear smaller since dark finishes are used for a less conspicuous appearance. Dawson, Majestic Square and Keswick are available in polished Chrome and Nickel finishes for a touch of glamour.

Small Sconces

Hudson Valley’s small sconces come in two light variants. There is an interesting variant on the usual design called the bath bar. The lamps are arranged vertically with cylindrical glass shades on either side of the central base of the sconce. The base is given a decorative appearance with polished metal. Such sconces are possible because of the emergence of compact LEDs in recent years. Cornwall and Fulton are examples of such bath bar sconces. Hudson Valley also has some antique-style designs like Millbrook and Oxford where candelabra bulbs are fully enclosed by a boxy frame with glass plates. This style is similar to stable lighting seen in the days when horse-drawn carriages were the primary mode of transport. Other contemporary designs like Newport, Lafayette and Burlington are also popular among buyers. These fixtures have separate glass shades covering the bulbs. Oversized sconces like Berwick and Gresham Park, which use a single large shade to cover both bulbs, have found favor with buyers. In these fixtures the decorative element is the shade, so ribbed and etched glasses are used.

Mini Sconces

The single light sconces are the big sellers of the entire range. Here Hudson Valley has the widest variety with a lot of variants. Fully enclosed sconces, shadeless sconces and oversized sconces are all present in the range.