Use Ceiling Fans to Augment your Home’s Décor

Modern ceiling fans are not only utility items but they can also add to your home’s décor. With some creativity and imagination, you can use different styles of ceiling fans in every room in your house to create unique interior setups.

Ceiling Fan Design Trends for Contemporary and Traditional Homes

Modern ceiling fans are available in a variety of styles, materials, and designs. Now, you can find a ceiling fan to suit every design sensibility and décor style.

If you choose a reputed brand of ceiling fans, you can find styles ranging from small hugger fans to outdoor fans with blades spanning       almost 60 inches. For instance, Casablanca ceiling fans are available in many contemporary designs as well as in styles suited for more traditional settings.

Modern –

You can choose from polished nickel to aluminum and wood finishes for both indoor and outdoor use. Curved blade designs are more suited to modern decorative styles that favor minimalistic designs.

For modern and minimalistic décor, four-blade fans with a white light fixture in a nickel finish is one example of a ceiling fan that can make your home space stand out with its sophisticated design. For industrial-style décors, nickel fans with sleek designs can do wonders for your personal space.

Traditional –

For traditional design approaches, tarnished bronze finishes with pull chains can look exceptionally good. You can choose from distressed oak and aged bronze finishes to light fixtures inspired by different time periods and elements.

If you choose reputed brands such as Casablanca ceiling fans, there are umpteenth models to suit your needs and design sense.

Tips to Use Ceiling Fans to enhance your Home’s Décor

Use ceiling fans in ways that make sense to you. But it is important to pay attention to the size and dimensions of ceiling fans in relative to the space where you will install it.

Here are some ideas for inspiration.

Colors and Designs–

Match the color of the fan blades to the ceiling and walls to create a serene space – the whole room can then seamlessly blend to give an aura of calmness. For traditional decorative styles, opt from subtle colors like white, cocoa, and bronze. For more contemporary styles, choose metallic finishes and sleek designs. To add a touch of drama with ceiling fans, choose styles with blades and body finish in different colors.

If you have a Mediterranean vibe going in your home or country-style elements; use white ceiling fans throughout to boost the elegance factor in your home as well as to complement the décor. If you like classic accents in your home, use white or black ceiling fans in simple designs and without light fixtures. For a vintage feel, choose ceiling fans with wood finishes with etched metal designs.

If your home is filled with rustic wood elements, use ceiling fans in deep shades of brown or black with or without simple light fixtures. If you like to mix things up, choose an extravagant ceiling fan design (such as big blades, twisted blades, outlandish light fixtures etc.) when the rest of the décor in a room is quite subtle.

Fixtures and Dimensions –

To create a unique centerpiece in your living room, forgo a chandelier and use a big ceiling fan with a brilliant light fixture. Choose funky light fixtures in ceiling fans for a bohemian or vibrant feel to a space. In the bedroom, you can opt for a fan with a white light fixture. For the living room, a bright light in the ceiling fan can produce brilliant effects in more ways than one.

These days you can find ceiling fans that are micro and mini in sizes to designs with huge blade spans. In houses with high ceilings, you have an opportunity to make the space really stand out using just a ceiling fan in a sleek design with tremendous blade sweeps. For smaller spaces or isolated corners, hugger fans are ideal to use.

But irrespective of the design and style, it is important to choose quality brands of ceiling fans.