Wood Floor Maintenance & Cleaning Tips

Wooden floors are on the most exotic elements of the home and it gives a warm tone to the whole space. Though it adds a unique style to the house, the vital reason why homemakers are opting for Phoenix wood floors is because of its eco-friendly nature. They are not just durable and strong but have a long life as you never have to replace your wood floors if you take proper maintenance and cleaning measures.

Many of you must be thinking that wood floors are difficult to maintain. But the answer is no and yes. This is because if you have established a cleaning routine for the floors, then it is going to be extremely easy for you. But if you start neglecting to maintain the floors, then with time, you will end up spending more money on its replacement and that is exactly what you would never want that you happen. Thus, here are a few easy maintenance and cleaning tips for you if you won Phoenix wood floors.

Weekly vacuum is a must

Though it sounds like a tiring task, as you do dusting for the other things in the house, add your floors to it too. It is just a weekly task that you will be doing on weekends. Vacuuming your wood floors once a week is going to keep your entire home dust-free and eliminate all the crumbs. Regular vacuuming is one of the best ways to keep the wood floors clean.

Clean the spills right away

If you have kids at home, then it is natural that they are going to spill liquids on the floor and you simply cannot help it. All you can do if that happens is clean it with a slightly damp cloth immediately to avoid the locking of the moisture into the floors. Avoid using a wet or steamed mop on the floor as it will increase the humidity level of the floor and with time you will start seeing cupping and gapping of the wood. Also, make a rule of “no damp shoes” in the house.

Daily dusting of the floors

It looks like it is a huge task to be done, but it is highly advised. Even if you are taking all the precautionary measures to avoid the dust coming to your house, but still the dust can travel from anywhere and settles down between your floorboards. The best way to do dusting of the floors is by doing to the first thing in the morning and then you are free to do your other chores.

Use protector pads

Scratches are one of the most difficult areas to get rid of. Therefore, make use of furniture pads to the legs of your table, chairs, sofas, etc. There are fine scratches that are not visible with the naked eyes and then some scratches are deep that can damage the floor. Thus, furniture pads are highly recommended if you want to maintain your floors.

Make use of doormats and area rugs

If you want to keep your floors clean and dust at bay, place doormats at all the entrances of your house. The main door, living room, and bedroom. Also, you can place area rugs at the places where you feel that the floors are vulnerable to getting scratched. For instance, you can put it under the dining table or in the center of the living room. An area rug will not only protect the floor but will also add an aesthetic to your home.

Refinishing wood floors

It is recommended by the experts that the homeowners must refinish their floors every three to five years to maintain their longevity. After certain years, your floors will start looking dull because of the heavy-duty traffic that goes through them daily. Thus, your floors will start looking like new with the refinishing coating.

If you take all the measures mentioned above, your floors will shine like a diamond and will have a long life. All you need to do is establish a weekly regime so that your wood floors can get all the love that they deserve!