How Can an Interior Design Transform Your Space?

Are you considering refreshing your home’s decor? When you employ the knowledge from interior design to transform your living space you will find that your home becomes far more functional and enjoyable to live in. Interior design can be done on any budget as well, from just picking up a few knick-knacks and moving your furniture and wall hangings around, to ripping out everything down to the studs; interior design needn’t be just for the well off. However, to get the most out of interior design in Los Angeles you should consider spending some of your budget on an interior designer. They will have the knowledge and resources that can make the process a breeze, and you can choose a two hour consultation or hire them for a whole project.

Bringing Light into Your Life

Interior design in Los Angeles isn’t all about new furniture and decor, but also how a space is lit. A well-lit space can brighten up a room and make it feel more inviting, and the best lighting you can have is the natural light coming from outdoors. Getting quality natural light in a room is wonderful, so having large glass surfaces and slim contours in your windows will maximize the amount of light coming in. As well, large panoramic windows, and glass sliding doors are great for giving you a nice views of nature while letting in large amounts of light during the day. Try to keep obstacles from obstructing the natural light coming in as well.

Not every room is going to have access to sufficient natural light though, particularly hallways and bathrooms. To make up for this you can consider using light tunnels, extra artificial lighting, or even glass panel walls. Glass panel walls can bring light from other rooms into your hallways, and if you can use semi-transparent patterns on the glass if you wish to obstruct the view between rooms.

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

If you have small rooms that you want to feel larger, one of the best tips for interior design in Los Angeles is the use of mirrors. Mirrors are great at creating the illusion of space, while also looking stylish with decorative frames. Mirror placement is key, ideally you want mirrors at eye level and in view to give the best effect. As well, mirrors can help brighten up rooms, if you have a window in a room and it’s not giving enough natural light, place a large mirror on the wall opposite and the mirror will help amplify the light around the room. Mirrors are versatile too. You can lean a large one against the wall on the floor, or place a small one on a key wall and surround it with artwork, mix and match to your heart’s desire.

Mixing Color and Textures for a Better Space

Modern interior design in Los Angeles consists of a lot of neutral colors, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use bold colors that pop or textures that fascinate the mind. Most often nowadays you will find that walls are painted in neutral yet bright colors like pastels, or shades of white. However, you can bring character to a room by painting an accent wall a bold strong color like a red, or a black. You can also bring color into a room through your furniture, getting a piece or two with a bold color, yet still matching everything else. And if you don’t want to go with bold colors, you can bring textures into the room with patterned furniture, area rugs or textured wall hangings.

Getting Kitchen Functionality Back

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home. Every member of the household likely spends at least some time each day in the kitchen. A popular interior design in Los Angeles functionality technique for the kitchen is to implement the work triangle in a kitchen; where you arrange your appliances to maximize efficiency. This is done by creating a triangle that connects your three main work areas – the sink, stove, and refrigerator. Also, space can often be a concern, especially in smaller kitchens. Consider using any wall space for hanging things you need (as long as you don’t clutter the space). Magnetic bars on the wall to hang your knives is a great use of wall space, and gives quick access when preparing food. Kitchens like other rooms also benefit from lightly colored walls, great lighting and mirrors to give the impression of a large kitchen.