Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance for Your Home

There’s nothing more satisfying than the feeling of entering into a home of cool air after a hot and sweaty day outdoors. The air conditioning system in your home has a huge role to play in this regard. By setting the optimum temperature and humidity within the home, it also allows you to feel comfortable and stay healthy all year round. The AC, like many other appliances in your home, requires maintenance and repair from time to time. Here is more to know about these tasks that need to be undertaken from time to time.

The importance of routine maintenance

An air conditioner is a huge investment, and so, it is important that you keep it in the best condition possible to ensure proper and safe functioning, optimal energy consumption, and longer lifespan. You can take up the maintenance work yourself or outsource it to a professional like residential HVAC contractors near me. This depends on the kind of maintenance tasks that you do and how qualified or trained you to need to be in order to perform. Here is more in detail about what can be covered under self-maintenance and what needs to be done by trained hands.

  • Self-maintenance

Cleaning is one of the most basic maintenance task that you can perform yourself. Be sure to clean or replace filters from time to time. This is important because the dirty and clogged filter can adversely affect airflow and efficiency, and can result in the AC consuming more energy than necessary. Some filters are designed to be cleaned and reused while others need to be replaced. Ask the installation company or refer to the operation and maintenance manual to see what needs to be done with your AC repair near me. Cleaning of filters needs to be done more frequently if you use the AC constantly, live in a dusty area, or have pets that shed fur. Another part that needs cleaning is the fins. Vacuum the fins of your AC unit with a soft-bristle brush, but be careful as these fins are fragile and can easily be bent or crushed. Tips and instructions for cleaning the fins can be found in the owner’s manual. Another self-maintenance task involves inspecting and maintaining air conditioner pads. These concrete pads that support the unit tend to settle over time and can put unnecessary pressure on the coolant tubes or electrical lines. Be sure to check the pads regularly for signs for sinking. If there is any such sign, including water collecting around the unit, replace it at the earliest. Other self-maintenance care involves cleaning outside units, examining thermostats for proper functioning, and inspecting condenser unit fans for proper working and efficiency.

  • Professional preventive maintenance

No matter how much you clean or maintain your AC unit, some jobs still need to be performed by a professional contractor or technician. Such preventive maintenance tasks involve checking for the correct amount of refrigerant, inspection of electrical wires and fittings,  inspection of ducts for leakages, measuring airflow through evaporator coils, oil motors and belts, and so on. These professionals typically take up annual maintenance contract and provide you with a schedule of all inspection and upkeep tasks that need to be performed from time to time.

Repairing your air conditioner

When the air conditioner in your home breaks down owing to damage, power fluctuation, breakage, or any other reason, the best way to fix it is with the help of a professional contractor near your locality. This is important because do not only such people have the right knowledge and expertise, but also the right equipment and tools necessary to restore your AC unit to its functional in no time. Their experience also allows them to quickly and correctly identify faults and perform necessary repair work without burning a hole in your pocket. Plus, they can help you comply with local building codes and laws governing air conditioning units by suggesting necessary modifications. These are people who also take up replacement work of faulty parts or who undertake modification and re installation of existing units to make them more efficient.  In this manner, conducting proper repair of AC units can keep your home cool and comfortable all the time.