Top Four Considerations Before Purchasing Copper Sinks

Do you want to bring copper sinks to your kitchen décor? Make a research about copper sinks and get the perfect one matching your kitchen area. However, you may have some hesitation about how will you maintain and clean the copper, whether it will age in due course of time and about the life expectancy of the sink? Well, there is no need to fret over! You can get rid of some of these concerns by bringing copper to the home. Copper dates back to medieval times and was used for cooking, weapons, as well as building structures. Being a multi-purpose material, the metal upholds certain properties, offering an advantage over other choices for the home kitchen sink. Nevertheless, it should be admitted that all copper may not provide you the equal benefit. Only the pure quality copper can offer the goodness of the metal. Hence, you must be aware of the metallic quality before purchasing a sink. This is simply because buying a sink created with low-grade copper may lead to disastrous consequences. Let’s now check out in this regard the top four considerations before buying a copper sink:

 Look – Buying a quality copper sink can offer you benefits for your kitchen area, bath as well as your bar area. Like a living metal, copper stains in due course of time, bestowing an eccentric rustic characteristic – exhibiting exceptional visual appeal for decades to come. As far as the display is concerned, one can never be wrong with copper as it attracts the crucial point of your kitchen area, drawing the eye to the rich assortment of orange, brown and rustic teals.

 Cleanliness – Even if copper looks stunning, what do you mean by the cleanliness of copper? You should be aware that copper boasts of antimicrobial properties and can fight against germs, harmful pathogens as well as viruses spread through raw and uncooked foods. Researchers have found that copper eliminates bacteria within 30 minutes of exposure and reduces the chance of increasing viruses, responsible for causing food-borne disease.

 Maintenance – It is great that copper is able to fight germs, but what does the maintenance of the sink entails? Do you have to wax the metal sink and make it dry after use every day? The answer in this regard will be no! Unfortunately, the copper sink industry has undertaken a status of tedious maintenance and persistent cleaning. Hence, while making the purchase, you should be aware of cheaper imports. In order to reduce the cost of manufacturing, the makers of copper sinks make use of an advanced measurement of recycled material for building their sinks, leading to an inferior product. Whenever a company makes use of this inferior type of metal to build a copper sink, the natural properties of the material will change radically. Dimensions can differ up to half inch with some manufacturers. Moreover, the finish can be lacquered, leading to no antimicrobial properties. This may ultimately pool the water of the sink without draining in a proper way.

 Quality – Many of the hammered copper sinks are created with 99% copper and 1% zinc. The addition of the zinc ensures the strength as well as the integrity of the sink. Unfortunately, some builders use less of pure copper. Rather than adding zinc, they often add lead, which is cheap and easy to work like copper. Nevertheless, this leads to highly toxic element to human beings. Hence, it’s significant that you must opt for a copper sink which is 100% lead free.

You must consider all these factors while choosing the right copper sink for your home kitchen area. Ensure the fact that you should read all the maintenance guides and disclaimers. Furthermore, you should know where the product is manufactured! The prices can vary with the manufacturers, but you should try to maximize your return on investment and get what you pay for in terms of quality. Try to stay away from inferior copper sinks that are created with poorly measured copper scrap. This won’t help you in any way. Rather, it won’t drain properly. Often, the sinks are hammered for hiding imperfections. So, what is the solution? When plenty of selections for copper sink companies are available in the market, you can opt for non-recycled 99.9% pure copper with a standard for creating the finest sinks in the world. Purchasing a good copper sink ensures effortless maintenance, without any drying or waxing as well as perfect drainage with every use. Search for copper sinks online coming in various styles and choose the best one that will help to coordinate faucets and drains. Moreover, if you don’t like something online, you may place orders for customized sink as per your taste and specifications.